12 April 2014

US Market rout over or it is just the beginning ?

Last week, we see a drop in S&P 500 index since January 2014. This is especially for the tech stocks. To date, the US stock market hasn't had a correction, or fall of 10 percent from recent highs, since 2011. It seems that the sell off is in the tech stocks. Prices plunged over the week. The first-quarter earnings season has just started, but investors seem in little mood to wait for results. Financial analysts expect earnings for companies in the S&P 500 to drop 1.6 percent from a year earlier, according to FactSet, a financial data provider. At the start of the year, they expected a jump of 4.3 percent. On Friday, the Nasdaq dropped 54.37 points, or 1.3 percent, to 3,999.73. It was down 3.1 percent for the week. The Dow Jones industrial average fell 143.47 points, or 0.89 percent, to 16,026.75 on Friday. The S&P 500 fell 17.39 points, or 0.95 percent, to 1,815.69. JPMorgan Chase fell $2.10, or 3.7 percent, to $55.30 on Friday. Is this the start or just a correction? The next probable impact would be the next 10BN tapered off from QE3. Will USD rises and stocks drop ? We shall see.

07 April 2014

OCBC 360 Account with up to 3.05% pa interest versus Standard Chartered Bonus$aver 1.88% pa

Last week, OCBC a flexible savings account known as OCBC 360. Basically this new savings account is a pretty decent one which will probably generate lots of funds and it is probably a cheaper alternative to launching a Bond for investors to fund their expansion in Hong Kong.

Anyway, back to the product itself. Currently, DBS and Citibank have similar plans where they pay you a higher interest rate on your funds. For Citibank you invest into regular savings plan or buy an insurance with them and earn up to 2.5% pa for the first 50,000. As for DBS multiplier 2.08%,you will have to consolidate Salary, Credit card spend, Home Loan instalment and Investment dividends and they will give you up to 2.08% pa for the first 50,000.

Standard Chartered's Bonus$aver 1.88% is another plan that pays well but it is only for the first 25,000. The condition to satisfy it simply spend (point of sales) or pay online to your debit or credit card of > $500 per month and your first 25,000 will earn 1.88% pa. There are no other conditions attached.

OCBC 360 is a bit similar to the Citibank and DBS plans. It also pays an interest for the first 50,000 of that account.

The three criterias each adds 1% to the base interest rate of 0.05% for first S$200,000. Earn interest of 0.15% per year on balance above S$200,000.

1. You earn 1% pa for GIRO your salary into the account
2. You earn another 1% pa if you spend more than $400 on OCBC credit cards. I have called and checked and it is confirmed that Plus! Card, Robinson Card does count towards the S$400 so long the OCBC cards tag to the same account. Spending using the principal account is counted towards the S$400. Sumplimentary card doesn't.
3. The last condition is that if you make 3 unique bill payments from this account with OCBC Online Banking using Pay Any Bill and Pay Any Card services or use GIRO, you earn another 1 more %.

I think that the OCBC 360 will definitely suck in lots of funds from other banks. With FAST transfer in place, more funds will just be transferred into the OCBC vault to take advantage of this unusually high 3.05% pa.

Most people feel that they can't spend S$400 a month. In fact, it is quite easy to acheive that. Telco bills usually adds up to almost S$70 to S$80. Groceries probably S$200 a mth. The rest can be made up of other purchases etc.

I have been using BonuSaver for a year earning that extra interest fulfilling the > S$500. I intend to switch over to OCBC and give it a try. The only trouble is to rearrange some GIRO arrangements or to manually pay some of the bills online, including the credit card bill or pay another banks credit card bill via ocbc.com online portal. That should make it count to 3 times a month.
I am sure banks like CIMB or Maybank will come out with more creative plans to grab the outgoing funds. Stay tuned. The war for SGD is beginning and will be fiercer in time to come when US raise interest rates and our mortgage rates will also rise.

OCBC 360 is definitely the winner right now if the conditions can be loosen. e.g. enable sub card holders to add up to the maincard monthly spending.  Those without credit cards (debit card users) cannot take advantage of this savings which is really a shame (SCB can). Thirdly, unemployed can't take advantage of the additional 1% as they have no salary to transfer in from.


14 January 2014

StarHub Scores With Singapore’s First Dedicated Chinese Enrichment Channel Rediffusion TV to offer Chinese Enrichment Programmes for Primary School Students

StarHub Scores With Singapore’s First Dedicated Chinese Enrichment Channel -Rediffusion TV to offer Chinese Enrichment Programmes for Primary School Students- Singapore, 14 January 2014 – Come 17 January, StarHub will launch Singapore’s first dedicated TV channel to offer Chinese enrichment programmes for Primary One to Six students. Rediffusion TV,an On Demand channel, aims to boost Primary School students’ Chinese language proficiency through a week-by-week assessment that closely follows the Primary School syllabus. The syllabus on Rediffusion TV is curated and updated regularly by its educational arm, Eduplus Language Centre, which runs an established chain of language schools. Its syllabus will mirror lessons taught in school on a weekly basis, allowing students to continue their Chinese education at home. Showcasing a curriculum specially designed for curious minds, each episode on Rediffusion TV offers rich graphics, clear voiceovers, and step-by-step guidance—all to make learning Chinese more memorable and enjoyable for children from the ages of seven to 12. The programme even features tips on examinations and stress management. Since its establishment in 1994, all five branches from the Eduplus Language Centre, which are registered with The Ministry of Education, have been known for their effective teaching methods. The founder of Eduplus Language Centre, Ms Chang Mei Hsiang, a veteran in the education industry will be the face of Rediffusion TV. She will be featured guiding children through the syllabus with her impeccable Mandarin. Besides wearing the hat of an educator, Ms Chang also helms the newly-revamped Rediffusion, Singapore’s first radio broadcaster catering to the locals. Rediffusion TV is the second learning initiative introduced by StarHub as part of its push into the educational sector. AssessMe was the first of many online learning services launched by StarHub and is hosted on its new Learning Hub. AssessMe is an e-assessment service currently tailored for children attending primary school. “There has been a lot of emphasis placed on Chinese education in recent years,” highlighted Ms Lee Soo Hui, Head of Media Business Unit, StarHub. “With the launch of Rediffusion TV, parents can now help their children set a firm foundation and master the language through a fun and light-hearted way.” “The launch is extremely timely as school has just reopened,” Ms Lee added, “so parents with Primary School-going children who want to supplement their Chinese education will now have an affordable and reliable platform to turn towards. Eduplus is one of Singapore’s most respected enrichment centres and we are excited that it is partnering StarHub for its maiden TV foray.” StarHub TV customers can sample six episodes from Rediffusion TV for free, starting from 17 January to 28 February. To access the free preview, viewers just need to press the VOD button, followed by “Shows On Demand” and select “Rediffusion TV- Free Preview”. Customers can subscribe to Rediffusion TV at a monthly subscription of $8.56 (including GST), and enjoy 50% off subscription for the first three months. To enable learning on the go, StarHub TV customers who signed up for Rediffusion TV can access the channel on TV Anywhere via www.starhubtvanywhere.com at no additional charge. For more information on StarHub TV, visit www.starhub.com/tv.

03 January 2014

StarHub TV Unveils Zee’s First Tamil Channel -Zee Tamizh caters to Tamil community with top-rated entertainment

StarHub TV Unveils Zee’s First Tamil Channel
-Zee Tamizh caters to Tamil community with top-rated entertainment-
Singapore, 3 January 2014 – Fans of Indian programming are in for a treat! From 7 January, StarHub TV will debut Zee Tamizh, the first Tamil channel that is produced by Zee Entertainment, one of India’s leading media companies. Premiering on StarHub TV Channel 138, Zee Tamizh will proffer a stellar lineup of the freshest and most popular programmes of varying genres. These range from interactive cookery shows to exciting game shows, and poignant drama series to blockbuster movies.
Zee Tamizh will join the bouquet of popular Zee channels that is currently available on StarHub TV. These include Zee Cinema (Channel 130)Zee Khana Khazana (Channel 159), Zee News(Channel 158), Zee TV (Channel 125) and Zee TV HD (Channel 157). While the existing Zee group of channels is skewed towards the Hindi community, Zee Tamizh caters to the viewing needs of the Tamil community. Hindi content dubbed in Tamil will also be made available for viewers who would like to sample it.
Key programmes on Zee Tamizh include Solvathellam Unmai, an emotional reality talkshow about families’ interpersonal problems, anchored by popular actress Lakshmy Ramakrishnan,Why This Kolaveri, the first-of-its-kind singing programme where contestants try to sing despite attempts to interrupt their performances. Why This Kolaveri is a perfect blend of singing and comedy and is hosted by Big FM RJ Balaji, known for his sense of humour. Viewers, whose preference lies in movies, will be able to catch action blockbuster movie Pattathu Yaanai. Directed by critically-acclaimed director Boopathy Pandian, Pattathu Yaanai revolves around a traditional chef, and stars popular artistes Vishal Krishna and Aishwarya Arjun.
“We are thrilled to launch Zee Entertainment’s first Tamil channel, Zee Tamizh on StarHub TV,” enthused Ms Lee Soo Hui, Head of Media Business Unit, StarHub. The addition of Zee Tamizh will better serve the Tamil segment of our customer base. At the same time, it bolsters our Tamil offerings, bringing the total number to six. The Zee brand represents quality content, and is associated with some of the top-rated programming in Indian television. We are confident that our viewers will welcome this new entertainment option.”
Zee Tamizh can be subscribed as a standalone channel at $6.42 (including GST) per month, or as part of StarHub’s newest pack, Thangam Migai Pack at $21.90 (including GST).Thangam Migai Pack is bundled with eight other entertainment channels including KBS World HD (Channel 115), ONE HD (Channel 823), ONE (English) (Channel 820), Sun TV (Channel 133), Sun Music (Channel 134), STAR Vijay (Channel 135), Vannathirai (Channel 136) and V Tamizh (Channel 137).
To allow customers to sample the two newest channels from Thangam Migai Pack, StarHub TV will be offering a free preview for Zee Tamizh and V Thamizh. The free preview will be held from 9am on 7 January to 9am on 21 January. For more information on StarHub TV, visit www.starhub.com/tv.

28 December 2013

List of TV sets that can receive DVB-T2 broadcasts from Mediacorp TV Singapore

Panasonic (14)

ModelProduct TypeDealerDate of Product Registration*Hyperlink to Product Information provided by Dealer
TH-L50BL6SIntegrated Digital TVPANASONIC ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD.10/09/2013 
TH-L32E6SIntegrated Digital TVPANASONIC ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD.10/06/2013 
TH-L42E6SIntegrated Digital TVPANASONIC ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD.10/06/2013 
TH-L42ET60SIntegrated Digital TVPANASONIC ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD.10/06/2013 
TH-L47WT60SIntegrated Digital TVPANASONIC ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD.10/06/2013 
TH-L50DT60SIntegrated Digital TVPANASONIC ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD.10/06/2013 
TH-L50E6SIntegrated Digital TVPANASONIC ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD.10/06/2013 
TH-L50ET60SIntegrated Digital TVPANASONIC ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD.10/06/2013 
TH-P50ST60KIntegrated Digital TVPANASONIC ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD.10/06/2013
TH-L55DT60SIntegrated Digital TVPANASONIC ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD.10/06/2013 
TH-L55ET60SIntegrated Digital TVPANASONIC ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD.10/06/2013 
TH-L55WT60SIntegrated Digital TVPANASONIC ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD.10/06/2013 
TH-P55VT60KIntegrated Digital TVPANASONIC ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD.10/06/2013 
TH-P65VT60KIntegrated Digital TVPANASONIC ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD.10/06/2013 

18 December 2013

Mediacorp DVB-T2 broadcasts transmits 4 channels in HD and screen captures

Many readers are wondering, how do I go about receiving the Mediacorp HD broadcast over the air ? Well, you will need the Draco DVB-T2 set to box which is available at electronic retail stores at a hefty price tag of S$129.

Some adventurous people will buy alternative set to box which are also DVB-T2 compliant and you should be able to receive the same broadcasts if the protocols are the same.

This site has posted screen shots of the captured images and provided more information on where you can buy alternative boxes. You can check it out.

15 December 2013

Car Accident Lawyers

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13 December 2013

Draco DVB-T2 set top box for receiving FTA Digital HD broadcasts available for sale

Singapore's MDA has announced that Mediacorp free to air channels will go digital by year end of DEC 2013.  Unfortunately, they chose to use DVB-T2 standard abandoning the previous investments in DVB-T. Current digital TV sets with DVB-T Tuner is incompatible with this new standard.

If you are not a subscription tv subscriber (SingTel mio TV or Starhub TV) and you would like to receive the HD broadcast from Mediacorp, you would need to purchase a set top box and plug it to an external antenna.

The set top box is now available at some retail stores at Clementi Mall. The brand is Draco and it costs S$120+GST.

The price far exceeds the MDA's initial price range of S$60-S$100 or so.  According to the sales man, I am the first person to enquire about the set top box.

Will you get one ?

29 November 2013

SITEX 2013 Floor Plan, Offers, Deal at Singapore Expo Nov 2013

So, what are the good deals at the Sitex 2013. I would say it is the Fibre Broadband deals by various telcos. M1 still has the best deal so far but Starhub and Singtel isn't far behind. They are all offering bundle deals with TV. Starhub even give away a 32" LCD TV if you sign up Cable TV.

Check out the brochures for more.

16 November 2013

Best Sellers on Qoo10 web store Singapore

Christmas is round the corner. Qoo10 has listed the top best sellers as shown below. Click on the image below and check them out.

Best Sellers at qoo10

16 October 2013

Gigabyte BRIX is a projector cum PC into a tiny form factor

New Ultra Compact PC Features Integrated Mini Projector and Stereo Speakers

Taipei, Taiwan, October 14th, 2013 – GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards and PC systems, is proud to announce the latest addition to the GIGABYTE BRIX range of ultra compact PC kits, the GIGABYTE BRIX Projector. Featuring a 75 lumen LED backlit mini projector and stereo speakers, the GIGABYTE BRIX Projector packs a 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i3 processor, HDMI and Mini-DisplayPort options, 4 USB 3.0 ports and plus digital optical audio – all in an ultra compact and portable chassis design...


Indian programming on StarHub TV is set to look even more exciting

Indian programming on StarHub TV is set to look even more exciting! From 18 October, StarHub will be launching seven new Indian channels, comprising of a mix of Hindi and Tamil channels of varying genres. To coincide with the launch, nine Indian channels will be made available on TV Anywhere, StarHub’s multi-screen solution. To add to the bonanza, there will also be a free preview on these new channels for 18 days, as well as a separate Deepavali free preview on existing Indian channels. Please see the release below for more information. Thank you. Best regards, Angeline TAN StarHub Corporate Communications & Investor Relations ++++ StarHub TV’s Indian Offerings Sizzle With Seven Hot Channels -Nine Indian channels available on TV Anywhere from 18 October- -Free preview of new channels from 18 October to 4 November- -Deepavali free preview on all Indian channels (excluding On Demand channels) from 1 November to 4 November- Singapore, 16 October 2013 – From 18 October, customers will be treated to top-notch Indian programming of varying genres when StarHub TV serves up a tantalising array of seven new channels. From the foodie to the businessman to the drama serial follower, the extensive lineup will offer something for everyone. These seven new channels are: 1. Life OK (Ch 160) 2. NDTV 24x7 (Ch 162) 3. NDTV Good Times (Ch 161) 4. Verna (Ch 141) 5. V Tamizh (Ch 167) 6. Zee Khana Khazana (Ch 159) 7. Zee TV HD (Ch 157) Also launching on 18 October are nine Indian channels that will be made available on TV Anywhere. TV Anywhere is StarHub’s multi-screen solution which allows StarHub TV customers to watch their favourite TV channels on their subscription plan, on their personal devices. Apart from Life OK, customers can catch the remaining six newly launched channels, as well as three existing ones, Vannathirai (Ch 136), Zee Cinema (Ch 130) and Zee TV (Ch 125) on TV Anywhere via www.starhubtvanywhere.com. Life OK (StarHub TV Channel 160) Life OK is a general entertainment channel in Hindi that offers dramas, reality shows, comedies and sports. Drama fans can look forward to tear-jerkers such as Ek Boon Ishq, the gripping story of a young small town girl who gets marries in to a rich family—only to discover that her husband is a death row convict, and Do Dil..Ek Jaan, an intriguing plot of two star-crossed lovers where a young Kashmiri girl falls in love under the most unlikely circumstances in Mumbai. Life OK is part of the STAR Network portfolio, which also produces popular channels like STAR Gold and STAR Plus, and all its programmes come with English subtitles. NDTV 24x7 and NDTV Good Times (StarHub TV Channels 162 and 161) From one of India’s top broadcasters, New Delhi Television, comes NDTV 24x7 and NDTV Good Times. NDTV 24x7 is the first English-language news channel focusing on news from the Indian Subcontinent (comprising India, Pakistan and Bangladesh). Viewers can stay up-to-date with award-winning newscasters, and highly-rated documentaries on current affairs, entertainment, politics and sports. On We The People for example, award-winning journalist Barkha Dutt opens discussions to the citizen on the street on issues affecting the country. In addition, viewers can get an exclusive glimpse into the lives of Indians left untouched by modernisation in critically-acclaimed documentary series India Matters. For the well-travelled and the fashionista, lifestyle-centric channel NDTV Good Times offers a delightful blend of fashion, travel, food and wellness with an Indian touch in English language. Verna (StarHub TV Channel 141) StarHub TV customers will be able to view Verna, a south Indian channel, in the original dialects of Telegu and Kannada. Viewers can revel in the authenticity of southern India with riveting dramas Bharyamani and Charanadaasi, or immerse themselves in action-packed game shows like Cash and Star Mahila with its all-female playing field. V Tamizh (StarHub TV Channel 167) V Tamizh, a local channel that caters to both locals and expatriates, proffers dramatic sitcoms, nail-biting reality shows and lively game shows. Viewers can catch the inspiring programme Thiramai Pongum Thamizhagam, which showcases the extraordinary acts of ordinary people, and watch blossoming talents in V Kids, a ‘live’ showcase of kids aged four to 12 singing and telling stories. Zee Khana Khazana (StarHub TV Channel 159) Foodies and gourmet lovers will delight in Zee Khana Khazana for its buffet of culinary delights. They can follow Chef Gautam Mehrishi as he demonstrates new twists of traditional recipes in Food Ka Mood. Young mothers will like Bacha Party for the simple yet wholesome and delicious dishes whipped up for the young ones by Chef Gurdip Kohli. Zee TV HD (StarHub TV Channel 157) Customers can now look forward to their favourite programmes on Zee TV one day earlier and in crystal-clear high-definition clarity with the launch of Zee TV HD. Zee TV HD offers viewers the hottest entertainment programming in its original Hindi language with key programming like Qubool Hain, a story of two families related by blood, yet distanced by circumstances, and Ek Mutthi Aasmaan, a poignant story which captures the hopes and aspirations of a domestic worker alongside the trials and tribulations of her daily life. “India is a colourful country with a rich cultural tapestry,” said Ms Lee Soo Hui, Head of Media Business Unit, StarHub. “The diversity of content across these seven new channels will ensure that our customers are now spoilt for choice when it comes to Indian programmes. “Apart from allowing customers to sample 18 days of free preview for the new channels, we are also pleased to offer free preview of our existing Indian lineup to all StarHub TV customers in celebration of Deepavali,” she added. “We hope they will enjoy this bumper crop of Indian programming.” Free preview of the seven new channels begin from 18 October, 9am to 4 November, 9am. In celebration of Deepavali, StarHub TV will be offering a free preview of all existing Indian channels such as Zee Cinema (Ch 130), SONY MAX (Ch 131), and STAR Gold (Ch 129), as well as Korean channels from Thangam Pack like KBS World (Ch 115), KBS World HD (Ch 875) and ONE (English) (Ch 820) from 1 November, 9am to 4 November, 9am. StarHub TV customers can subscribe to Manoranjan Pack which comprises of eight entertaining channels such as Zee TV HD, Zee Khana Khazana and Life OK at an affordable monthly subscription of $25.90 (including GST). NDTV Pack which comes with NDTV Good Times and NDTV 24 x7 can be subscribed for $6.24 (including GST) monthly. Customers can purchase Verna and V Tamizh as an a la carte channel at $8.56 (including GST) and $6.42 (including GST) respectively. For more information on StarHub TV, visit www.starhub.com/tv.

11 October 2013

How to monetise your blog ?

This topic has always been the hottest topic on the internet. Is it really possible to monetise your blog by converting all visitors to eye balls? this article below might give you some insights on how you can engage your readers. http://en.ocworkbench.com/tech/how-to-start-a-blog-and-engage-your-readers/

06 October 2013

Singapore National Annuity Scheme - CPF LIFE

Has anyone looked into the CPF Life annuity scheme by CPF ? There are also annuity schemes offered by insurance companies and banks. How will you decide on which one to go for ?

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