29 June 2006

Asuka launches world's smallest handheld DVB-T TV,

Asuka Semiconductor, a Taiwan-based digital TV (DTV)-module solution provider and system design house, has announced the release of the ARA K-60, which the company claims is the world's smallest handheld digital TV. The ARA K-60 has dimensions 115x77x21mm and weighs 190g.

The ARA K-60 is equipped with a 3-inch low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) TFT-LCD panel display (960×240 pixels) and a built-in telescopic antenna. A polymer battery allows up to three hours of DTV broadcast reception. The ARA K-60 is fully compliant with DVB-T standards and can therefore receive Digital TV and radio broadcasts. The ARA K-60 can also operate as a set-top box (STB), through its A/V output and A/V cord. The unit can also support moderate mobility, between 40-80km per hour.

The K-60 is currently in volume production, according to Asuka.

20 June 2006

亞洲電信展 CommunicAsia 2006 Singapore - Nokia showcases DVB-H and new phones

While browsing the net, I came across the first coverage of CommunicAsia on the net. Everything does not interest me that well except for the Nokia N92 which comes prebuilt in with a DVB-H received.

According to the website ocworkbench.com, "the picture quality is clear and streams in mpeg2. Asked if future versions will incorporate encryption technology, the demonstrator says that there are many different types of encryption schemes and it hasn't been finalised what type will incorporated."

Looks like it is time to watch broadcasts using DVB-H then 3G streaming which costs money.

More coverage of the Nokia event can be found at this link.

19 June 2006

Starhub offers four additional ‘live’ 2006 FIFA World Cup™ matches free-of-charge via its Preview Channel

StarHub, the official broadcaster of the 2006 FIFA World Cup™, is pleased to offer football fans in Singapore four additional ‘live’ 2006 FIFA World Cup™ matches free-of-charge via its Preview Channel, Channel 01. The matches will be made available to virtually all households in Singapore who are connected to StarHub’s cable network, regardless of whether they are subscribers of StarHub's cable TV services.

The four additional matches that will be aired on StarHub’s Preview Channel include:

· Togo vs Switzerland (19 June, Monday, 8.30pm)
· Ecuador vs Germany (20 June, Tuesday, 9.30pm)
· Portugal vs Mexico (21 June, Wednesday, 9.30pm)
· 3rd/4th Place (9 July, Sunday, 2.30am)

15 June 2006

Mediacorp HDTV broadcast sample screen captures

Below is a sample clip I captured using my DVB-T tuner. It is really CPU intensive. With my P4 3.0GHz and a Radeon 9500Pro, the cpu utilisation peaked at 100% and throttles between 65%-100%.

The current trial broadcast is playing back locally produced HDTV clips and also clips from Panasonic and Hitachi. It is also advertising the upcoming HDTV screen of the lord of the rings.

08 June 2006

Volcanic eruptions disrupted RTM1 signal ?

Today, I was checking out RTM1 which can be received from the cable point. To my surprise, the picture is totally distorted. That reminds me of the analog encrypted broadcasts, the image is splitted into top, middle and bottom and shifted left right. Go and see for yourself. I wonder did the volcanic eruptions disrupted RTM1 signal ? Using an aerial, I get a clear RTM1 signal though a bit snowy but never "distorted" using nagravision encryption. haha!

So, if you intend to watch your World Cup Live Telecast, it might be better for you to visit :

1) Macdonalds.
2) PUBs that have Live feed from the only cable operator.
3) Watch it Live Streaming from RTM1,2 website.
4) Buy an antenna with booster.

07 June 2006

Smallest DVB-T tuner

Whoa! That is probably the smallest DVB-T Tuner that is available in the market right now! Looks really cool. You can read more about it at http://www.ocworkbench.com/2006/computex2006/day1/leadtek/p4.htm

06 June 2006

ATi Theatre 650 Pro - DVB-T TV Tuner

Local hardware enthusiast site http://www.ocworkbench.com ATI will launch a new DVB-T tuner card at Computex Taipei. The site also provided a picture of the upcoming card with full specifications posted.

The link can be found here. http://www.ocworkbench.com/2006/computex2006/day2/ati/p1.htm

Computex Taipei begins

Computex Taipei is the 2nd largest computer trade exhibition in the world. It draws crowds from local and foreigners to Taipei. At this show, many companies are showing their latest products.

Brands like ASUStek also presented their 32" LCD TV. Looks like they are following Acer, do everything.

Leadtek, Compro releases new DVB-T tuners but not sure if it can decode h.264 avc 4 or not. Some comes with dual tuner, one for ananlog and one for digital. Looks like a good deal.

I noticed that some local sites send people there to cover, but they're slow like a tortoise to get information out. You can visit this site for up to date coverage.

04 June 2006

Technical Knowledge = NIL!

Yesterday i went to one of the megastores in town area to hunt for the ideal LCD TV. While I read that many forumers got the AMOI brand 37" LCD (1920x1080), I took a look and found the price is still at S$2899. Pretty steep I would say.

I was shocked when i see another 26" is selling for only S$899. I looked around and asked one of the staff if it supports HDMI. To my surprise, he mistook DVI as HDMI. I asked for an assurance, he confirmed that it has HDMI?! Next, I asked if I can use this TV set to receive Terrestial Mediacorp HD broadcast, guess what he said? Yes you can, and you don't need a set top box. I was wondering, for S$899 you can get a 26" LCDTV, with HDMI? and with Digital Tuner built in ? I was about to ask, does it support H.264 AVC level4 , i think he will be blur until ...

I am disappointed by the knowledge of the sales people. Seriously, if you know of any place where I can view or talk to someone who is able to tell me more about the AMOI LCD TVs, drop me a comment.