29 June 2006

Asuka launches world's smallest handheld DVB-T TV,

Asuka Semiconductor, a Taiwan-based digital TV (DTV)-module solution provider and system design house, has announced the release of the ARA K-60, which the company claims is the world's smallest handheld digital TV. The ARA K-60 has dimensions 115x77x21mm and weighs 190g.

The ARA K-60 is equipped with a 3-inch low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) TFT-LCD panel display (960×240 pixels) and a built-in telescopic antenna. A polymer battery allows up to three hours of DTV broadcast reception. The ARA K-60 is fully compliant with DVB-T standards and can therefore receive Digital TV and radio broadcasts. The ARA K-60 can also operate as a set-top box (STB), through its A/V output and A/V cord. The unit can also support moderate mobility, between 40-80km per hour.

The K-60 is currently in volume production, according to Asuka.

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