20 June 2006

亞洲電信展 CommunicAsia 2006 Singapore - Nokia showcases DVB-H and new phones

While browsing the net, I came across the first coverage of CommunicAsia on the net. Everything does not interest me that well except for the Nokia N92 which comes prebuilt in with a DVB-H received.

According to the website ocworkbench.com, "the picture quality is clear and streams in mpeg2. Asked if future versions will incorporate encryption technology, the demonstrator says that there are many different types of encryption schemes and it hasn't been finalised what type will incorporated."

Looks like it is time to watch broadcasts using DVB-H then 3G streaming which costs money.

More coverage of the Nokia event can be found at this link.


Anonymous said...

That Nokia phone has been featured in technology shows for what 2 years already? Come on that's really old tech.

And let's face it, who would want to waste money on DVB-H. Not the telcos since it will cut into their 3G profits and not Mediacorp since they are busy with DVB-T HDTV.

Guess you have missed the O2 phone DVB-T attachment device on CNA.

You should go to the show and educate yourself more.

hdtv said...

Yes this has been demoed many times. Do you see actual retail units being sold? I would buy a Nokia N92 just for that.

For your info, DVBT HDTV broadcast and DVB-H are entirely different topics. With DVB-H, you can now watch terrestial broadcasts on your mobile.

It is not only O2 that has DVB-T attachments. Go check out phone makers in Taiwan like Gigabyte. They have those in their plans and are embedded within the phone and it is DVB-H. Maybe you shoudl educate yourself more between HD DVB-T, H.264 and DVB-H.

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