17 June 2006

New HD programmes on MediaCorp's HD Trial


luppy said...

Anyone noticed the mix of Std Def vs High Def content on the MediaCorp HD channel?

-- The 9:30pm news looks like HD quality. Local news footage seems to be shot in HD. Overseas news footage is in (ugly) SD. But alas, the whole news programme is presented in 4x3 aspect ratio rather than 16x9.

-- 50% of the ads are in HD quality. Again they are presented in 4x3 aspect ratio.

-- "Lost" also looks like HD quality, but presented in 4x3.

hdtv said...

Yup indeed. the difference is apparent.

I can capture some screen shots and post it up tomorrow when News on 5 is on.

Anyway, EPG is working too. It just does not show what programmes are upcoming.

hdtv said...

To luppy I think we are all wrong, it is the upscale image. I think it is still shot in SD but upscaled to HD.

Now adays the broadcast is simulcast from ch 5.. which really sucks for HD.

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