08 June 2006

Volcanic eruptions disrupted RTM1 signal ?

Today, I was checking out RTM1 which can be received from the cable point. To my surprise, the picture is totally distorted. That reminds me of the analog encrypted broadcasts, the image is splitted into top, middle and bottom and shifted left right. Go and see for yourself. I wonder did the volcanic eruptions disrupted RTM1 signal ? Using an aerial, I get a clear RTM1 signal though a bit snowy but never "distorted" using nagravision encryption. haha!

So, if you intend to watch your World Cup Live Telecast, it might be better for you to visit :

1) Macdonalds.
2) PUBs that have Live feed from the only cable operator.
3) Watch it Live Streaming from RTM1,2 website.
4) Buy an antenna with booster.


Anonymous said...


Take out your atlas! Did you failed your Geography in secondary school? The volcanic eruption is in INDONESIA, south of Singapore. Malaysia IS in the NORTH of Singapore. They are both on the seperate side. Besides, TV broadcast transmissions is in ELECTROMAGNETIC frequency, not some form of light signals.

hdtv said...

Of course I know. If you can read the post with a smile, you should know that everyone will blame this and that. the rain, the mountain, the hub etc..

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that the idiot who ask you to take out your atlas is a "Kayu" & not street smart.He does not know about sarcasm or how to read
in between the lines.

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