29 July 2006

I am back with more news

First of all, I would like to apologise for the no updates for the past weeks. I have been extremely busy with work and there weren't much new developments of HDTV after the hoo-haa event (World Cup).

That day, I had a glimpse of the HD edition of the Pirates of the Carribean. Wow ! The picture quality is fantastic ! I captured some shots of the show on CH 5 and Ch HD One and noticed the differences.

Surprisingly enough, even the 9.30pm news live simulcast on Ch 5 and Ch HD One looks a bit different. The one on HD One is definitely much sharper and picture quality is better.

On another point, ATi has been acquired by AMD. Those of you guys who loves computers would be wondering if AMD will continue to make graphics cards. THe answer is a definite YES and NVIDIA better watch out, you will be KILLED very soon :)

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