03 September 2006

Mediacorp HD channel has no audio, Ch 301 on Starhub is no longer available

For those of you who are receiving the HD trial broadcast from Mediacorp. I have noticed that the audio is gone. Another most important change is the upscale elongated image simulcasted from Channel 5.

I wonder if that will be our future HD channel, just some upscale broadcast from the regular Ch 5. That would be the cheapest way of going HD for the time being for the braodcaster.

As for Channel 301 on Starhub, there is no longer any programmes being broadcasted. On Ch 300, it is temporaily the National Geographic.

Some good news for non HD users, Starhub will be introducing 5 new FREE channels on Starhub Digital (for Digital box subscribers), you will be able to watch Free channels from one free Korea, Indonesian, German, etc from October onwards.