08 December 2006

Is HD ready TV really necessary?

Till today, I am still viewing HD contents off air using the receiver. Although I have been to SITEX, I was shocked by the video quality presented on the Pionner sets when they screen Lu XiaoFeng (LIVE).

If you are a subscriber to Starhub Cable TV, you can tune in to Australian network. I suspect all the programming in there the 5pm News, 5.30pm Home and Away are all in HD but downsized to fit our regular 4:3 screen.

Looking at the quality, you would have noticed the vibrant colours and clarity. In fact, if this signal is played back in true HD and shown on a LCD TV. I seriously doubt i would be able to differentiate the clarity at a distance away from the screen.

If you remember the show on CHANNEL U "FrontLine". It was also shot in HD. When it was broadcasted on the old Channel U (mediaworks), the quality is excellent too.

In fact, sometimes I really wonder if we really need a HD READY TV set. Is it just a hype or what? What about BluRay and HD-DVD. Another hype for us to spend more money?
Let's discuss.

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jdawg7979 said...

I really dont believe that hdtv is all than its cracked up to be. I have been viewing hd channels on my standard 32inch television with a standard composite ,yellow cable, and although the picture size is smaller...the clarity and brillance is still there. My friend also has a 36 inch RCA that is over 12 yrs old and shows the channels also. So when you watch SD channels and think they look crappy, I believe that this is done by the cable and sat providers to persuade that you do need all of the HD components and programming. Conspiracy to boost the economy? Maybe. Or maybe its for the upper middle class and super rich who can afford 60 inch plasma tv's. For those with the exceptionaly large tv's I know for a fact that HD is required. But why lower the quality for the rest of us people? We pay our cable bill with the same hard earned money. And since nothing will be done about this, all I can say is for people to work harder, save money and buy bigger tv's to fit in.