25 December 2006

Singapore Press Holdings to offer a new SPH Video News on-demand channel M2Btv

Singapore’s First Broadband TV service by M2B World seals collaboration with Singapore Press Holdings to offer a new SPH Video News on-demand channelM2Btv subscribers will have first-ever on-demand access on their TV screens to video news content from SPH with international coverage from Associated Press. The SPH Video News channel will also provide an interactive new media platform for advertisers Singapore. December 20, 2006 – M2B World Asia Pte Ltd (“M2B World”) today announced a partnership with Singapore Press Holdings Limited (“SPH”), to launch a first-ever SPH video news on-demand channel on Singapore’s First Broadband TV service, launched by M2B World in July this year. Under the agreement, M2B World will convert, host and stream video news clips produced by SPH, as well as international video news content licensed from AP Digital a division of The Associated Press (“AP”). This new SPH video news channel significantly expands the total offering of entertainment and education on-demand content provided by M2B World on Singapore’s First Broadband TV service, reinforcing its position as the leading provider of video on-demand content in the living room. Currently, subscribers can access over 55 channels of local and international content under the M2Btv brand through its Pony set-top box using any broadband connection bringing on-demand content and services to the living room television screens. The wide offering of entertainment content includes Hollywood blockbusters from SONY/MGM like Memoirs of a Geisha; popular Asian serials - Water Margin, as well as Korean dramas - Perfect Love; BBC comedies such as Goodness Gracious Me; Singapore-made movies like Eating Air; and much more.

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