31 January 2007

Gigabyte GA-965P-DS4 v3.3 supports 1333FSB CPU E6850 and E6x00 series

The rev 3.3 of the mainboard should be on sale by now. Here are some pictures of the board running a Engineering Sample of E6850.

3Dmark06 Score = 2570

BBC's download plans get backing

Looks like there will be alternative sources for SD and HD programmes while we wait for terrestial broadcast to begin (Starhub Cable already has 2 subscription channels).

The BBC's plans will allow viewers to download shows like Spooks
TV shows like Doctor Who are expected to be available for download later this year after the BBC Trust gave initial approval to the BBC's on-demand plans.
Under the proposals, viewers will be able to watch popular programmes online or download them to a home computer up to a week after they are broadcast.

But the Trust imposed tough conditions on classical music, which could stop a repeat of the BBC's Beethoven podcasts.

Full approval of the on-demand plans will follow a two month consultation.

After that, the BBC will be able to launch its long-awaited iPlayer, a computer application which allows audiences to watch or download any programme from the last seven days.

19 January 2007

42" Pallandine LCD TV display stunning Picture Quality

Who says cheap isn't good. I just bought one Palladine 42" LCD TV and I am impressed by its colours and clarity. Not only that, local tv broadcasts doesn't seemed that bad at all.

Here are some screen shots I took off the screen playing back WMVHD media from my notebook attached to the VGA port of the lCD TV at 1280x720p.

18 January 2007

Singapore's Starhub launches 2 HD channels - Discovery and National Geographic Channel

Singapore, through StarHub, is the first country in Southeast Asia to launch High Definition Television

Singapore, 18 January 2007 – Singapore and StarHub have jointly scored another first. With the much anticipated commercial launch of StarHub’s High Definition Television (HDTV) service this evening, Singapore is now the first country in Southeast Asia to offer a commercial HDTV service.

This launch follows StarHub’s successful HDTV trial that kicked off with the 2006 FIFA World Cup™ on 10 June 2006 and ended at the close of the year. During this trial, 1000 StarHub Digital Cable customers enjoyed all 64 World Cup matches as well as quality programmes from Discovery and National Geographic Channel in full high-definition (HD) splendour.

With HDTV, viewers can expect up to four times greater picture clarity. The 16:9 screen ratio will also provide a panoramic view that can be up to 33 per cent more than what they can enjoy on the standard 4:3 TV screen. As many HD programmes contain Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, viewers with a Dolby Digital Home Theatre system can also be treated to superior audio quality, not unlike the quality available at the cinemas.

In addition to an enhanced audio and visual experience, customers using the HD set-top box will also enjoy all innovative features that users of StarHub’s digital set-top box currently have access to. These include the Onscreen TV Guide, Programme Alert, Auto-Tune, Video Mosaic, Info Bar, Quick Surf, Chat, access to Demand TV and complimentary FunZone games.

“We are very excited about our HDTV launch, and are proud that we are the first operator in Southeast Asia to introduce the service commercially,” said Mr Terry Clontz, StarHub’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “StarHub is constantly enhancing its customers’ TV viewing experience. Our introductions of Digital Cable in 2004, Demand TV in 2005 and Smart TV in 2006 are examples of how we give customers more control over what they watch, and when they watch their favourite programmes. And who knows, maybe someday we can even give customers choice on where they can view their favourite programmes too. ”

With StarHub’s launch of its HDTV service, a new content group named “HD Plus” will be introduced. HD Plus, with a subscription fee of $15 ($15.75 with 5% GST), comprises two new HD channels – Discovery HD (Channel 302) and National Geographic Channel HD (Channel 301).

Mr Clontz added, “Discovery and National Geographic Channel are longtime content partners of StarHub, and both are very well-known for their production of high-quality programmes. We know that our customers will be delighted with the quality of the content, and with the superior viewing experience that HDTV brings.”

Discovery HD Channel offers high quality factual and lifestyle content, delivering a truly immersive HD experience. Key genres to be showcased on the channel include science, world culture, natural history, wildlife, engineering, travel and lifestyle.

“Discovery is once again happy to be pioneering HD. We were the first international HD channel to launch in Japan in 2005, and with this launch in Singapore, Discovery HD is now available in 15 international markets and over nine million households. Discovery is committed to providing our viewers with the highest quality content available and Discovery HD will deliver an audio and visual experience that is richer, deeper and more expansive than ever before,”
said Mr Tom Keaveny, Managing Director and Executive Vice President, Discovery Networks Asia.

National Geographic Channel HD brings viewers award-winning documentary programmes, compelling stories of unsurpassed quality and credibility that the public have come to expect. Featuring world renowned explorers and cutting-edge filmmakers, National Geographic Channel HD takes viewers into the heart of the action. From science, the modern world and investigations to lost cultures and natural history, National Geographic Channel in high definition will bring viewers unique insights, groundbreaking new findings and unforgettable television experience.

Mr Ward Platt, Executive Vice President and Group Managing Director – Asia Pacific, National Geographic Channels International said, “Today is a heartwarming moment as we witness the launch of the brand new National Geographic Channel HD in Singapore. We congratulate Singapore and StarHub for being the most innovative country and the first operator in Southeast Asia to launch a commercial high-definition television service. Singapore viewers can now truly enjoy National Geographic Channel’s unsurpassed quality programming and compelling stories in stunning visuals and cinematic surround sound.”

Consumers must subscribe to a minimum of three Basic Groups and HD Plus, and own StarHub’s HD set-top box and a HD-ready TV set in order to enjoy StarHub’s new HDTV service. The HD set-top box is available for purchase at $285 ($299.25 with 5% GST). To encourage more customers to subscribe to the service, those who sign on a 12-month StarHub Digital Cable contract can own a HD set-top box for just $95 ($99.75 with 5% GST). In addition, consumers who purchase selected models of Samsung LCD and plasma television sets through Samsung-appointed retailers will receive a free HD set-top box and a 12-month subscription of HD Plus.

17 January 2007

M2Btv brings more content to Broadband TV

M2Btv delivers streaming video (video on demand) to the PCs or via a Set Top Box through any broadband service e.g. Starhub or Singnet or Pacific Internet. With the competition heating up among local players for the IPTV market, M2Btv is the introducing more contents to its subscribers.

Today, M2Btv introduces the first ever on demand video news channel from SPH. SPH Video news channel is compiled from AsiaOne, STI (Straits Times Interactive) and STOMP on a 7 day archive. This adds to the current 55 channnels of VOD entertainment channels available at no additional charges.

Besides that, M2Btv will be screening "The Da Vinci Code" exclusively from Sony Pictures. Hong Kong action serial "The Eliminators" will also be available by end January.

With more and more HDTV programming available, M2Btv will be delivering "The Da Vinci Code" in Super High Quality, High Quality and Standard for various home users with different broadband speeds. "A 3Mbps broadband line would be good for the Super High Quality VOD titles" says Mr Liew, VP of M2B World Asia Pte Ltd.

Local documentary "Facets of a Nation" shot in HD and hosted by Lim Kay Tong will also be available in the 2nd half of this year via an advanced Pony set top box. This documentary will sohcase chronicles iconic Singapore insitutions like Hajah Fatimah Mosque, Central Fire Station and Thien Hock Keng Temple etc.

In addition to all these, M2Btv will be launching a new Karaoke on Demand service to M2Btv subscribers in early February. A database of 10,000 songs are available on demand. This is definitely a good move for the Karaoke lovers whom can sing their hearts out during the Chinese new year holidays. For the Chinese viewers, M2Btv will launch a Chinese menu system.

Currently, M2Btv is bringing in the latest Korean dramas direct from KBS and screened exclusively on M2Btv. We see a close resemblance to Starhub as both have Karaoke TV, Pay Per View channels. The differences are probably the delivery platform, the choices and control of when and what to watch. So far, M2Btv do not offer any sports channels. The programmes also do not come with dual sound capability. So far, M2Btv has not decided on what method of delivery they will be using to deliver HD contents in H.264 or WMVHD.

Singtel to launch Pay TV with HD Channels from VOOM HD Networks

Singapore, 16 January, 2007 – Singapore media company Mega Media is to supply an exciting and comprehensive suite of high quality High Definition (HD) channels for SingTel’s IPTV service when it is launched commercially later this year.

The slate of HD channels offers something for all audiences and it includes a number of channels in partnership with Rainbow Media’s VOOM HD Networks. VOOM HD is the world’s largest High Definition broadcaster, broadcasting 15 full HD channels in the United States. The channels on offer here will include VOOM HD, which features a line-up of High Definition programming selected from VOOM’s 15 HD Channels, including documentary, travel, music, arts, fashion and lifestyle genres among others.

In addition, Singapore consumers can expect the first Made-by-Singapore HD channel – Sling HD. This is a channel about computer gaming and extreme sports and is designed for those who take both reality and virtual reality to the extreme.

Mega Media and Voom’s HD content is currently available on SingTel’s IPTV technical trial, which began in November 2006.

16 January 2007

Skype to broadcast IPTV, trial now in UK

The founders of the Skype internet telephony service are launching what they describe as the world's first broadcast quality internet TV service.

Following speculation about a service dubbed The Venice Project, the online television software is now being unveiled under the name Joost.

It will allow viewers to access all kinds of television over the internet.

Currently under trial period in UK, users are enjoying full-screen, broadcast quality IPTV on their PC. It also has instant channel and interactivity.

Current programmes are sports, documentaries and music programming.

Joost is backed by Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, who founded Skype, while Frederik de Wahl previously ran a business whose peer-to-peer software was used in Skype.

BT Vision, launched in December, offers video-on-demand via broadband, and Channel Four Television says its 4OD service promises DVD-quality programmes to download to your computer.

Meanwhile another company calling itself Babelgum contacted the BBC to insist that its service, launching in March, would also use peer-to-peer technology to stream video at "near-TV resolution".

Source : BBC.

12 January 2007

HD DVD group prepares 51GB triple layer HD DVD disc

During the recently concluded CES show, in addition to announcing that the HD DVD group has added four additional hardware vendors including Onkyo, Bandai, Meridian and Taiwan-based Lite-On IT, Toshiba indicated that the company is developing triple-layer HD DVD discs with a storage capacity reaching 51GB.

Palladine 42" breaks price record, sells for S$1799

Palladine 42" breaks price record, sells for S$1799 only. That is a $200 dip in pricing as comapred to its previous price of S$1999. What do you guys think of this model EPT-4210D. It claims to use a LG panel.


Specs :

10 January 2007

Jetway release board with HDMI interface with HDCP

Jetway will release 2 AMD 690G Mainboards, models are M2A692-GHG and M2A692-GDG

Both models use the AMD 690G and SB600 Chipset. They support the AMD AM2 CPU (include Athlon64, Athlon64x2, Sempron, etc), DDR2 module, SATA II HDD, HD-Audio, GbE Lan, USB 2.0, etc.

From the pictures, it seems that GDG have a DVI output port, for user to connect their Monitor through DVI. The other version comes with a HDMI interface.

Both boards are of mATX form factor and has 4 DIMM and 4 SATAII ports
M2A692-GHG comes with HDMI interface. Embedded is the upcoming AMD 690G chipset.

Source : http://www.ocworkbench.com

LG's BH100 hybrid Blu-ray & HD DVD player: $1,199

LG has set the price for its BH100 combination Blu-ray and HD DVD player at $1,199. Available in the first quarter of this year, the company thinks it can resolve buyer confusion and push both high-def formats using Broadcom's chipset. 1080p and DTS-HD audio support are present and accounted for, but no word yet on other features, like 1080p24 or HDMI 1.3, but for more information check our live coverage of LG's press event and demonstration.

Viewing HD1 using BDA compliant tuner with Leadtek Winfast DTV application

Viewing HD1 using BDA compliant tuner with Leadtek Winfast DTV application is made possible with a leaked version of the WinFast DTV application. Here is a sample view of the real time viewing of HD1. (

This 優頻道 CH U drama 夢。拼圖 was shot in HD but broadcasted on CH U in Standard definition. It was shown in HD on Channel HD1 two nights ago.

05 January 2007

HDCP capable PowerColor X1650XT graphics card

Famous site www.ocworkbench.com reviewed the PowerColor X1650 XT graphics card.
The card uses a chipset manufactured at 80nm fabrication process and to feature the new CrossFire Bridge Interconnect. PowerColor's X1650 XT clocks at 600MHz, with memory at 700MHz (1400MHz effective) 256MB DDR3 RAM and 24 pixel processors. This board is also HDCP and Windows Vista ready. Looks like a good card for making a HTPC for viewing HD contents.


LG Electronics will launch first dual-format HD player at CES 2007

It was really a matter of time before a manufacturer decided to release a single player capable of handling both Blu-ray Discs and HD DVD discs, and that time has come.LG Electronics will be the first to launch a dual-format player at the CES 2007 next week in Las Vegas, according to a LG press released issued in Korea yesterday. The press release did not provide much information; only that it will be launched in early 2007. We still don’t know the price of this little gem, but we are sure that LG will provide more details during its press conference at CES on Sunday.LG stated it was considering a dual-format player at the CeBIT show last March, but they have kept its progress very quiet indeed. LG is the first company to formally announce a dual-format player. Although there were rumours that Ricoh and NEC had developed components that could read both Blu-ray and HD DVD media, they have not announced the launch of actual products.

Warner to Unveil First Blu-ray/HD DVD Hybrid Discs at CES

Warner to Unveil First Blu-ray/HD DVD Hybrid Discs at CES

In a surprise leak of what may turn out to be the biggest high-def news to come out of this year's CES, The New York Times is reporting that Warner Home Video is set to bring the first Blu-ray/HD DVD hybrid discs to market in 2007.According to the story, the studio is hoping to both calm consumers' fears over the competing next-gen formats as well as spur high-def hardware sales by creating a Blu-ray/HD DVD hybrid, which the studio is dubbing a "Total HD" disc. In an exclusive pre-CES interview with the Times, Barry M. Meyer, the chairman and chief executive of Warner Brothers, claims the studio created the idea of Total HD as it became apparent that while neither the Blu-ray or HD DVD formats would be going away anytime soon, continued consumer reluctance to invest in rival technologies could stall the widespread adoption of high-definition. “The next best thing is to recognize that there will be two formats, and to make that not a negative for the consumer," said Meyer. "We [Warner] felt that the most significant constituency for us to satisfy was the consumer first, and the retailer second. The retailer wants to sell hardware and doesn't want to be forced into stocking two formats for everything. This is ideal for them."Should the Times' scoop turn out to be true, it would certainly add an unexpected -- and potentially tremendous -- new wrinkle to the high-def format war. A one-disc-fits-all scenario would seem to please everyone, from early adopters to hardware manufacturers to retailers (who no would no longer have to stock both Blu-ray and HD DVD versions of the same title), regardless of which format they support. A formal announcement from Warner officially unveiling Total HD is now expected sometime during or right after CES.

Source : Highdefdigest.com