10 January 2007

Jetway release board with HDMI interface with HDCP

Jetway will release 2 AMD 690G Mainboards, models are M2A692-GHG and M2A692-GDG

Both models use the AMD 690G and SB600 Chipset. They support the AMD AM2 CPU (include Athlon64, Athlon64x2, Sempron, etc), DDR2 module, SATA II HDD, HD-Audio, GbE Lan, USB 2.0, etc.

From the pictures, it seems that GDG have a DVI output port, for user to connect their Monitor through DVI. The other version comes with a HDMI interface.

Both boards are of mATX form factor and has 4 DIMM and 4 SATAII ports
M2A692-GHG comes with HDMI interface. Embedded is the upcoming AMD 690G chipset.

Source : http://www.ocworkbench.com

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