05 January 2007

LG Electronics will launch first dual-format HD player at CES 2007

It was really a matter of time before a manufacturer decided to release a single player capable of handling both Blu-ray Discs and HD DVD discs, and that time has come.LG Electronics will be the first to launch a dual-format player at the CES 2007 next week in Las Vegas, according to a LG press released issued in Korea yesterday. The press release did not provide much information; only that it will be launched in early 2007. We still don’t know the price of this little gem, but we are sure that LG will provide more details during its press conference at CES on Sunday.LG stated it was considering a dual-format player at the CeBIT show last March, but they have kept its progress very quiet indeed. LG is the first company to formally announce a dual-format player. Although there were rumours that Ricoh and NEC had developed components that could read both Blu-ray and HD DVD media, they have not announced the launch of actual products.

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