17 January 2007

M2Btv brings more content to Broadband TV

M2Btv delivers streaming video (video on demand) to the PCs or via a Set Top Box through any broadband service e.g. Starhub or Singnet or Pacific Internet. With the competition heating up among local players for the IPTV market, M2Btv is the introducing more contents to its subscribers.

Today, M2Btv introduces the first ever on demand video news channel from SPH. SPH Video news channel is compiled from AsiaOne, STI (Straits Times Interactive) and STOMP on a 7 day archive. This adds to the current 55 channnels of VOD entertainment channels available at no additional charges.

Besides that, M2Btv will be screening "The Da Vinci Code" exclusively from Sony Pictures. Hong Kong action serial "The Eliminators" will also be available by end January.

With more and more HDTV programming available, M2Btv will be delivering "The Da Vinci Code" in Super High Quality, High Quality and Standard for various home users with different broadband speeds. "A 3Mbps broadband line would be good for the Super High Quality VOD titles" says Mr Liew, VP of M2B World Asia Pte Ltd.

Local documentary "Facets of a Nation" shot in HD and hosted by Lim Kay Tong will also be available in the 2nd half of this year via an advanced Pony set top box. This documentary will sohcase chronicles iconic Singapore insitutions like Hajah Fatimah Mosque, Central Fire Station and Thien Hock Keng Temple etc.

In addition to all these, M2Btv will be launching a new Karaoke on Demand service to M2Btv subscribers in early February. A database of 10,000 songs are available on demand. This is definitely a good move for the Karaoke lovers whom can sing their hearts out during the Chinese new year holidays. For the Chinese viewers, M2Btv will launch a Chinese menu system.

Currently, M2Btv is bringing in the latest Korean dramas direct from KBS and screened exclusively on M2Btv. We see a close resemblance to Starhub as both have Karaoke TV, Pay Per View channels. The differences are probably the delivery platform, the choices and control of when and what to watch. So far, M2Btv do not offer any sports channels. The programmes also do not come with dual sound capability. So far, M2Btv has not decided on what method of delivery they will be using to deliver HD contents in H.264 or WMVHD.


Anonymous said...

Good! Let the competition begin...

Anonymous said...

yes. but as an m2b user, im disappointed.

not much content. all old stuff and wmv is really horrid to stream.

Anonymous said...

Are there more english or chinese contents ?

Which shows do you watch? You are hooking the set to a LCD TV or normal TV set?

Anonymous said...

SPH news. Isn't it a good placement of the Channel i news.

kelvin said...


english chinses both cannot make it.

im streaming it out of the box on my LCD tv.

its really bad. thinking abt throwing it back

hdtv said...

Kelvin, So what are the shows you are watching?

Any WMVHD or HD contents so far?

hdtv said...

Any programmes delivered in 16:9 ratio?

Anonymous said...


its bad. i cant be bothered to watch all of it!

nope. nothing 16:9 only the 4:3 letterbox on the premium titles.

nope. so far i see all WMV.

Anonymous said...

I am a user of M2Btv, although m2btv has its flaws. overrall i think rock and it gives consumer and choice to choose. I believe with time, things will improve.

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