16 January 2007

Skype to broadcast IPTV, trial now in UK

The founders of the Skype internet telephony service are launching what they describe as the world's first broadcast quality internet TV service.

Following speculation about a service dubbed The Venice Project, the online television software is now being unveiled under the name Joost.

It will allow viewers to access all kinds of television over the internet.

Currently under trial period in UK, users are enjoying full-screen, broadcast quality IPTV on their PC. It also has instant channel and interactivity.

Current programmes are sports, documentaries and music programming.

Joost is backed by Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, who founded Skype, while Frederik de Wahl previously ran a business whose peer-to-peer software was used in Skype.

BT Vision, launched in December, offers video-on-demand via broadband, and Channel Four Television says its 4OD service promises DVD-quality programmes to download to your computer.

Meanwhile another company calling itself Babelgum contacted the BBC to insist that its service, launching in March, would also use peer-to-peer technology to stream video at "near-TV resolution".

Source : BBC.

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