13 February 2007

ECS N8800GTS-320MX DX10 Graphics card USD299 only

Poeple like me who loves new tech will definitely consider a DX10 card instead of a DX9 at this moment of time. The first card by NVIDIA was the 8800GTX-768M, the price is USD 599 which is kind of too expensive for the average joe.

Today, I read about this new card, which has its RAM slices down to 320MB. The review shows that the performance is 10-20% behind the 8800GTX-768M. That is in 3D. The card comes with component video out that can support very high res like 1920x1080 or more. Looks like I will be able to tap on its purevideo HD to playback h.264 movies on my LCD TV real soon.

Review link http://www.ocworkbench.com/2007/ecs/N8800GTS-320MX/b0.htm

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