04 February 2007

MediaCorp to introduce 2 more HD channels in March

Today, I visited VIVOCITY. I was there to do my usual rounds to check out pricing and to get some other stuff. I chanced upon a HD broadcast by MediaCorp. I head over and spoke to the staff about the HD1 channel.

The person told me that it is rumoured that MediaCorp is scheduled to launch HD broadcast commerically. He also mentioned that there will be 2 more HD channels. When asked about the contents of the commerical channels, he is not sure and he said it will most likely be upscaled stuff from Ch 5 and Ch 8.

Well, I am not sure how true is it. Anyway, I also saw the HD STB selling for $599 which I find it steep for watching a single HD and 4 other SD channels - CNA, Digital 5, Digital 8 and TV Mobile.

If you hear anything about the lanuch dates and what is to be expected from MediaCorp, Singnet, do drop me a comment.


Anonymous said...

Yup, $599 is steep indeed. Of course prices will come down eventually, but in the meantime, a $150 DVB-T tuner card that plugs into your PC (USB or PCI) is a much better deal.

hdtv said...

not every dvb-t card can decode h.264. not many out there.
you will also require a htpc.