20 March 2007

DVI to HDMI Converter on Jetway M2A692-GDG AMD 690G board

At last, I bought a DVI to HDMI converter. As my motherboard is the brand new JETWAY 692GDG, it supports HDCP (which I won't need right), it can support BluRAY and HD-DVD of the future.

Right now, the only thing is to get the video output to my LCD TV. Previously, I was using the VGA D-SUB, image is acceptable but i just feel that it is lousy.

Now with the converter, the display is connected to the mainboard using HDMI. I paid S$25 for the 1m DAIYO brand cable and S$8 for the converter (from a friend in HK).
This is how the converter looks like.

With this converter, I noticed the image clarity is enhanced compared to using the old D-SUB.

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