20 March 2007

I signed up for Wireless Wimax Internet service by Qmax

Kind of pissed off with the expensive ADSL and Cable plans, I have switched camps and signed up with Qmax, a subsidiary of Qala. They offer the 512Kbps Wimax plan for S$22.95 a mth with a S$44.40 activation fee.

So far, I have been using it at my office and found it to work very well. Average ping time to local sites is in the range of around 90ms, which is in line to what they claimed on their site.

The only trouble I have is the compatibility issue with my Gigabyte GN-BR402W Wireless Router. This router has been in used for almost 3 yrs with Cable modem and ADSL modem. It somehow does not want to bridge it to the modem. Kind of weird. The engineers will be coming over to take a look in a few days time.

Currently, I plug the rabbit like modem into the ethernet port of my PC and everything seems to be working fine. I even get full strength with Green light, turning amber most of the time.

If you are thinking going wireless, this might be a good option to think about. Feel free to ask any questions that you have.


Anonymous said...

So how is your wimax connection so far? How is the performance with P2p dowloading like limewire and bittorrent? Consistent and steady?

Anonymous said...

I don't use limwire i am unable to judge.

As for bittorrent, it depends on the no. of seeds. Downloading has never been so easy as it streams down at around 50-60KBps, that is almost taking up the whole pipe.

Upload speeds are max at around 40KBps.

Anonymous said...

how is the modem installation done? just plug in to the enternet port. Plug and play? nothing to configure?
How is your Qmax connection currently? Do you stay at high floor? Heard low floors has problems with Qmax.

hdtv said...

Yes very easy, just plug it in and you are online.

No issues at all. IN fact I am getting good speed. I am on low floor.

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