30 April 2007

ATI Radeon HD2400 and HD2600 on shelves from 1 Jul

WE have heard from friends that the Radeon HD2400 and HD2600 on retail shelves from 1 Jul. As for R600, it will be available from 14 May 2007.

Another piece of confirmed news is that the Radeon HD 2900XT is priced at USD 399.

28 April 2007

Samsung AV Roadshow at Shangri-la showcases first LCD TV with built in H.264+DVB-T tuner

Singapore tech site OCWorkbench attended the Samsung's AV Roadshow - Art of Experience at Shangri-LA Hotel Singapore. It is an eye opener as Samsung delivers a vast array of AV products ranging from LCD TVs, DVD upscalers, MP3 players, digital Cameras etc.

Samsung took the leap by introducing the first Full HDTV that integrates a DVB-T Tuner with H.264/AVC decoder. You can now watch HD terrestial broadcast without the need of an additional set top box. It also has a auto mounting feature.

There are lots of photos of the exhibits at this link :


Sony Bravia LCD Uneven Backlight/Cloudy problem

Lately, there are alot of LCD TVs having this so called Backlight leak or Cloudy problem. Even the most expensive models from Sony seemed to be affected. This can be detected when you turn off your lights in the room while watching a movie with dark background. You would notice white/greyish patches on the corners or sides of the panel. Here is how it looks like.

Picture Courtesy of likev of avsform

Important Information About Your Sony® BRAVIA™ Television!
The Sony BRAVIA line of flat-panel LCD televisions reflects our commitment to the highest picture quality standards. The KDL-40XBR2/3 and KDL-46XBR2/3 series televisions have received exceptionally high ratings for picture performance from many well respected home theater sources, including the Editor’s Choice Award from CNET™ and critics at Sound & Vision Magazine.

To achieve this high level of performance and picture clarity, Sony utilizes a very bright backlight setting. This helps deliver the brightest picture possible, as well as exceptional picture clarity even in the darkest image sources.

However, the setting, under certain dark viewing conditions, especially blank screens with no video source, may cause the screens on some of these televisions to exhibit slightly uneven uniformity. This condition is not usually visible under typical viewing conditions, such as watching movies or television programming, and generally should not affect your viewing experience.

Should you find that this condition does affect your viewing enjoyment; there are a few settings that you can make to minimize this condition:

Setup Menu --> Light Sensor: ON
Setup Menu --> Power Saving: Low or High
Picture Menu --> Reduce the Backlight Level (Factory Setting: 10)
A combination of the above changes may be applied as necessary.

If your television still does not meet with your approval after these setting adjustments, Sony Electronics will provide a Self Service Software Update that will further minimize the condition. Upon request, Sony will ship this update with directions directly to you when it becomes available in mid-February.

All terms of your Sony limited warranty continue to apply. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause, and we continue to stand behind our product and our loyal customers.


24 April 2007

ATI Radeon HD 2900XT Key Features / Specifications

ATI Radeon HD 2900 Key Features / Specifications

Some of the more important features include 320 stream processor units, high speed 128 bits HDR, 512 bits 8 channel memory interface, ATI AVIVO HD, 24x Custom Filter AA, Built in HDMI and 5.1 audio, Dynamic geometry and Physics processing capability.

More R600 (Radeon HD 2900XT) photos Leaked

More R600 (Radeon HD 2900XT) photos Leaked. This time, it is Fudzilla. Here is what they say abt the card

This is a picture of the same R600XT card so you guys can compare it and analyse it all you want but this is the real Radeon HD 2900XT Mc Coy. The version ATI is showing off in Africa today is shorter, has a smaller retail cooler and has 512 MB of memory.

Look at the size of the heatpipes, it's ridiculous but this is necessary to do remove 200W+. This is an OEM card and it should be ready by middle of the May that is the day.

Oh and the second PCIe 8 pin connector is for Overdrive. Is Tunis better than roasting a lamb in the wilds, we wonder. And here is the picture.

Source : www.fudzilla.com

22 April 2007

MCP68 GeForce 7050SE-630A leaked from China again

A Chinese site CCW posted these benchmark numbers of the alleged MCP68 or the GeForce 7050SE-630A mainboard. In the test, the first two columns are the numebrs for a MCP68 ref board from ANDA and the other one is from Yinke. The third is a AMD690G board frmo SOYO.

Here are the chart that compares the three boards.

Latest Pictures of HD 2600XT and benchmarks found

Pictures of HD 2600XT sighted on the ocworkbench forums posted by a member. The picture seems to originate from a Chinese website. You might want to check here. Looks pretty cool.

21 April 2007

ATI Radeon HD 2600XT benchmarks

We got hold of an early sample of the RV630. The benchmark numbers are encouraging as it beats the hell out of the 8600GTS.

Here are some early results using X6800 processor with 2GB of DDR2-800.


Radeon HD 2600XT - 5760 marks
GeForce 8600GTS - 5900 marks


Radeon HD 2600XT - 11652 marks
GeForce 8600GTS - 11500 marks

FEAR (1600x1200)

Radeon HD 2600XT - 29 fps
GeForce 8600GTS - 29 fps

17 April 2007

Singapore HDTV users not happy with Mediacorp HD channels

Going through the HDTV trial forum run by MDA, there are a number of posters claiming that they are now receving 4:3 simulcast Ch 5 on the trail channel Ch 38. They were not happy as they are not informed what is next. Some users are disappointed as they're now watching a 4:3 on a 16:9 screen! Questions were raised if there Will be off air transmissions or HD channels PAY TV channels in the future? Users who jumped onto the bandwagon purchasing LCD TV and DRACO set top boxes are left abandoned and helpless with questions unanswered.

It seems like nobody knows and the other operator Singtel, which is suppose to launch IPTV with HD programmes. So far, there is no official news about it.

So what is the direction of HDTV? Pay S$15 extra and sign up for Starhub 2 HD channels or wait indefinitely ?

Your comments ...

07 April 2007

More benchmarks of 8600GTS - 3Dmark05 and 3Dmark06

As promised, I compare the card to some other cards I have. Below are the results. Feel free to comment.

01 April 2007

NVIDIA 8600GTS Benchmarks

Here are my 3Dmark05 results of the NV 8600GTS with 1GB of DDR2-800 with X6800 processor on Intel 965P board.

3Dmark05 scored 12024 marks. That is 300 points faster than my old 7900GS which scored around 9000 points.