24 April 2007

More R600 (Radeon HD 2900XT) photos Leaked

More R600 (Radeon HD 2900XT) photos Leaked. This time, it is Fudzilla. Here is what they say abt the card

This is a picture of the same R600XT card so you guys can compare it and analyse it all you want but this is the real Radeon HD 2900XT Mc Coy. The version ATI is showing off in Africa today is shorter, has a smaller retail cooler and has 512 MB of memory.

Look at the size of the heatpipes, it's ridiculous but this is necessary to do remove 200W+. This is an OEM card and it should be ready by middle of the May that is the day.

Oh and the second PCIe 8 pin connector is for Overdrive. Is Tunis better than roasting a lamb in the wilds, we wonder. And here is the picture.

Source : www.fudzilla.com

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