17 April 2007

Singapore HDTV users not happy with Mediacorp HD channels

Going through the HDTV trial forum run by MDA, there are a number of posters claiming that they are now receving 4:3 simulcast Ch 5 on the trail channel Ch 38. They were not happy as they are not informed what is next. Some users are disappointed as they're now watching a 4:3 on a 16:9 screen! Questions were raised if there Will be off air transmissions or HD channels PAY TV channels in the future? Users who jumped onto the bandwagon purchasing LCD TV and DRACO set top boxes are left abandoned and helpless with questions unanswered.

It seems like nobody knows and the other operator Singtel, which is suppose to launch IPTV with HD programmes. So far, there is no official news about it.

So what is the direction of HDTV? Pay S$15 extra and sign up for Starhub 2 HD channels or wait indefinitely ?

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