31 May 2007

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30 May 2007

SingTel says it will focus on boosting content for its upcoming internet protocol television or IPTV service

SingTel says it will focus on boosting content for its upcoming internet protocol television or IPTV service.

This follows feedback from users who took part in a six-month trial which ended in April.

When launched later this year, IPTV users will be able to watch TV programmes and buy videos through their broadband connection, accessed via a set-top box connected to their TV sets.

SingTel is still keeping mum about the exact launch date of its upcoming IPTV service as well as the content line-up and price plans.

But the telco took pains at a news briefing on Wednesday to differentiate its service from other existing pay TV offerings.

It stressed that IPTV will be more than just watching TV on the computer, like MobTV, or transferring PC content to the TV set, like M2B World.

Low Ka Hoe, Director, IPTV and Content, SingTel, said: "Offering a pay TV service is not about offering features. It's about offering content ultimately. So obviously customers have fed back that all the features are good, but ultimately what they want is the kind of channels that they want to watch, the content that they want to watch.

"For the trial, obviously we had a limited content line-up, strictly for the technical trial. When we launch our service commercially, obviously content will be a huge focus for us."

The battle for content will be fierce.

And for SingTel it is expected to be a big challenge as it has already been outbid by StarHub for rights to broadcast the hugely-popular English Premier League football matches for the next three years.

Analysts say the success of IPTV is critical for SingTel as the service allows the telco to take on StarHub head-on on all three services - TV, data and voice.

StarHub has gained market share in recent years, through its "hubbing" strategy of packaging the three services.

The Media Development Authority gave SingTel the go-ahead in January this year to launch its commercial pay TV service.

25 May 2007

SingTel launches ‘BroadBand on Mobile’ using HSDPA 3.6Mbps

SingTel launches ‘BroadBand on Mobile’
First phase of HSDPA rollout in Orchard Road and CBD
Island-wide coverage expected by year end

Singapore, 24 May 2007 -- Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel) today announced that its BroadBand on Mobile service is now commercially available.

‘BroadBand on Mobile’ uses next generation mobile technology known as High Speed Downlink Packet Access, also known as HSDPA or 3.5G.

A commercial trial involving more than 400 customers was announced last November, making the telco the first in Singapore to introduce such a service.

The BroadBand on Mobile service will initially be available in the Orchard Road and CBD areas, promising download speeds of up to 3.6Mbps, a significant step up from 3G’s maximum speed of 384kbps.

“BroadBand on Mobile opens up a whole world of possibilities in the realm of information and entertainment on-the-go,” said Ms Vicki Brady, SingTel’s Vice President of Consumer Marketing. “We are delighted to be able to offer our customers yet another service that perfectly complements their increasingly mobile business and lifestyle needs.”

Coverage will be extended to the North Zone by June, and the rest of the island by December this year. SingTel is also the operator providing free wireless Internet (WiFi) access in the North Zone for IDA’s Wireless@SG initiative.

SingTel also announced a range of highly competitive data price plans for its BroadBand on Mobile service. At 512kbps, this is the fastest entry-level plan in the market and priced from only $31.50 for 10GB worth of data. Selected price plans also include unlimited WiFi access at 1Mbps, giving SingTel subscribers who require mobile access a true multiple platform advantage.

BroadBand on Mobile - which is technology-agnostic and backward-compatible - can be accessed through devices such as laptops with HSDPA modems, as well a range of mobile phones and PDAs on any 3G price plan using a 3G SIM card. To make data use even more convenient and accessible, all SingTel 3G customers who are currently not on a 3G data plan will be 3.5G-enabled by the time the service is available island-wide.

Customers can also look forward to an array of special introductory offers and freebies to be announced over the weekend.


Primary Catchment Areas in North Region are: Ang Mo Kio, Bishan, Checkpoint, Hougang, Kovan, Novena, Orchard Road, Sembawang, Sengkang, Serangoon, Thomson, Toa Payoh, Woodlands, Yishun.

22 May 2007

Gigabyte GA-MA69G-S3H sightings

Today, I came across my favourite site and found that they have published the GA-MA69G-S3H review. This should be the board i should consider. It has the HDMI/HDCP that i need for my LCD TV.

What surprised me is the overclockability of this board. The biggest surprise is that it supports CROSSFIRE!!!! WHOA!!

Source http://www.ocworkbench.com/2007/gigabyte/GA-MA69G-S3H/g1.htm

17 May 2007

Improve your Alexa Ranking with VISTA

A lot of websites especially start ups like to boost about their Alexa Ranking. I was quite surprised how Alexa actually works as most websites don't install a Counter. Even if one installs such a counter, will they want to publicise their traffic in public ?

Initally, I thought Alexa is just BS. After reading its documentation, I understand that it actually requires WindowsXP users to Install the so called Alexa toolbar. In fact, the ranking is based on how many people visit a particular site. If you don't install the toolbar, you are just missing the game.

Some sites I know of actually has supporters whom are probably paid to install the alexa toolbar on WINXP and reload their mainpage just to boost their ranking.

I have tried it on this blog after installing the alexa toolbar. The ranking went up in a few days time.

These sites or webmasters are really silly to deceive themselves by this boosted records. If you are the supporter of the site, just to let you know that you have been asked to install a malware for the purpose of boosting that site's ranking.

Anyway, Alexa toolbar is treated as a malware in VISTA. FireFox users can't install the toolbar as well.

There are some alternatives though. Below are some which you can use on FireFox.

Some developers have already built FireFox toolbars incorporating Alexa. You can find them here:

SearchStatus. Quirk has built a small toolbar that shows Alexa Rank and Google PageRank.

About This Site. Gina Trapani at scribbling.net built a handy plugin.
SEO Toolbar. The Rankquest SEO Toolbar provides you quick access to many SEO tools including the Alexa Traffic Rank.

Wyzo. If you would like to try a new browser based on Firefox, the Wyzo Media Browser comes pre-loaded with Alexa data via the SearchStatus extension.

15 May 2007

Panasonic Launches Global Plasma Roadshow to Demonstrate the Plasma Advantages

Panasonic Launches Global Plasma Roadshowto Demonstrate the Plasma Advantages

Singapore is the first stop for the Plasma Roadshow in the Asia Pacific region

Singapore, 11 May 2007 – Panasonic, one of the market leaders of flat-panel TVssized 37-inches or larger, launched its “Global Plasma Roadshow” in Singaporetoday, featuring its VIERA plasma TV lineup including the world’s largest 103-inchplasma TV. Singapore is the first stop for the tour in the Asia Pacific region, while theGlobal Plasma Roadshow is scheduled to cover over 80 cities around the world thisyear. With the increasing demand for large screen TVs worldwide, Panasonicproposes plasma to be the optimal choice in its campaign, “Thinking big? Thinkplasma!” Throughout the campaign, visitors will be able to experience the advantagesof plasma for large screen TVs in a series of home entertainment vignettes.Demand for Plasma Display Panel TVs is increasingPanasonic forecasts that with the rapid increase of the demand for flat-panel TVs dueto the global digitization of TV broadcasts, 65% of the 200 million world aggregatedemand for TVs will be for flat-panel TVs in 2010. 30% of the world aggregatedemand for TVs will be for 37-inch or larger flat-panel TVs in 2010.With extensive research on its plasma technology, Panasonic believes that plasmatechnology gives a great viewing experience for large screen sizes. Panasonicestimates that the market demand for Plasma Display Panel (PDP) market will growto 30 million units in 2010.With such a demand, Panasonic plans to build a new PDP manufacturing facility inJapan. It will be the fifth PDP plant, enabling Panasonic to further step up its PDPproduction capacity, making it by far the largest PDP manufacturer in the world.

There are many reasons for the growing popularity of flat-panel TVs, particularlyplasma TVs. Due to global digitization of TV broadcasts, more people are making theswitch to flat-panel TVs. The demand for larger-screen TVs will also increase rapidlywith the expansion of contents with high picture quality. In addition, Panasonicprojects that the demand for Plasma TVs will greatly increase especially withinternational sports events like the Olympic Games kicking off in Beijing in 2008.The demand for PDPs with extended lifetime, energy-efficiency and high picturequality has also been increasing rapidly for business-use as multipurpose displays forbusiness, educational and medical applications as well as for home-use.Global Plasma Roadshow highlights benefits of plasma TVsBecause of the anticipated increase in demand for large screen TVs, the GlobalPlasma Roadshow focuses on helping the consumers make an informed choicethrough the public education on the advantages of plasma TV. It is also designed forlow environmental impact and built around the concept of ‘Living in High Definition’.Panasonic high-definition product innovations help people to create and share linksto other products and people - around the home and around the world.Panasonic’s Plasma Roadshow will drive the five major benefits of VIERA plasmaTVs as follows:1) VIERA plasma TVs are perfect for watching the speed of sportsThe VIERA plasma TVs reduce image distortion and provide high resolution even forfast moving scenes. Viewers will get smooth high-speed action, super-sharp imageswhen watching sports programme.2) VIERA plasma TVs are great for a realistic movie experienceFor the movie buffs, VIERA plasma TVs produce deep, rich blacks for exceptionalcontrast which brings out the ultimate effect when watching movies. It has superbgradation performance which means it can express details in all areas of the imagewith beautiful smoothness. Advanced 3D Colour Management controls multiple colours at the same time without affecting neighbouring colours. By independentlyadjusting the colour hue, density and brightness, the VIERA brings out the full beautyand richness of every image. Besides this, the VIERA reproduces 100% of the colourrange specified in the High Definition TV Standard.Now, one can view their favourite HD movies in the true, original colour.3) VIERA plasma TVs are ideal for large-screen size viewing with friends andfamilyThe VIERA plasma TVs reduce image distortion and provide a wide range of visibility.Colours virtually look good from a sharp angle as they do from directly in front. Sinceour VIERA plasma TVs are compatible with popular multimedia and video graphicformats, one can enjoy a movie or play games with many people.4) VIERA plasma TVs are reliable for long life and gentle on the eyesPlasma panels also reduce visual fatigue tendency and blurriness among viewers. Anacademic research indicates that viewing plasma is gentle on the eyes and lesstiresome.(For more details, see http://panasonic.net/think_plasma/eco5/index.html).Because of the technological advances present in Panasonic plasma TVs, thelifespan of TVs are lengthened beyond the conventional CRT TVs. The VIERA has alifespan of 60,000 hours (based on an average viewing time of 8 hours a day).Panasonic adds to the benefits of plasma by being the first brand to incorporateAnti-Glare Process technology in their deluxe range of VIERA Panels. Thistechnology subdues the reflection and also greatly reduces TV glare.5) VIERA plasma TVs are designed for low environmental impactPanasonic’s VIERA plasma TVs are environmentally friendly. The plasma panelscontain no lead and no mercury. The VIERA plasma TVs are designed for efficientpower consumption.

Mr. Paul Wong, Managing Director of Panasonic Singapore (PSP), said, “We aredelighted to have the opportunity to share with our local consumers the benefits ofplasma TVs. In addition to increased consumers’ spending on home entertainmentsystem, there is also greater awareness of the benefits of switching to large screenTVs, particularly plasma TVs. The biggest advantage of plasma is the high resolutioneven in fast moving scenes when compared with other LCD panels. By producingergonomically and environmentally responsible plasma TVs in Singapore, we expectto meet the increasing demand for Plasma Display Panels in the region.”Mr. Katsumi (Karl) Takahashi, Manager, Brand Promotion Planning Office, BrandPromotion Group of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Osaka,Japan,) said “We are very much pleased to provide to Singaporean consumers anopportunity to experience and enjoy the advantages of our VIERA plasma TVs,especially in the large screen TV category, during this special weekend of Mother’sDay.Panasonic has strong confidence in the advantages of plasma andconvenience of the linkage of high definition products. The roadshow will be aperfect opportunity for the consumers to experience and feel the undeniable power ofplasma, and how Panasonic’s technologies to create, share and link high definitionproducts can make one’s lifestyle more entertaining and beneficial. ”The local roadshow will start Friday from May 11 till May 13, at the Vivo City inSingapore. It will continue in 6 cities in the Asia Pacific region including Vietnam,Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand

ATI HD Radeon 2900XT reviews hits the net

Fudzilla reviewed the PowerColor HD 2900XT card here with OCWorkbench has an exclusive review of the ASUS EAH2900XT and tech review of the card. Theinquirer, Altgamer, Bjorn3d, DriverHeaven, EliteBastards, ExtremeTech, Guru3D, legitreviewsHardware.Info, Hardware Secrets, HEXUS.net, HotHardware, NordicHardware, Overclockers Club, Phoronix, techPowerUp, The Tech Report also have reports about the cards. Those not listed, do feel free to add them.

13 May 2007

Power Consumption of Radeon HD 2400, HD 2600 and HD 2900XT cards

We have gotten some information about the power consumption of the Radeon HD 2400, HD 2600 and HD 2900XT cards.

For the HD 2400 Series which is based on 65nm manufacturing process, its power consumption is below 25-35W. As for the Radeon HD 2600 Series which is also based on 65nm, it is around 45W.

The 80nm HD Radeon 2900XT is a lot power monster eating up to 200W to 230W of Power. It is also recommended to have a 700W PSU to power your whole system.

10 May 2007

R600XT overclocks to 840 MHz

According to fudzilla, he ran the Radeon HD2900XT stable o/c with a score of 11,258 3Dmark06. The card at its default 745 MHz and 1656 MHz memory scores 10,650.

The overclocked one will gain some 600 points and the card was stable. It didn’t want to go any higher than 840 MHz, but maybe some other cards will. Stable at 11260 points doesn't looks bad at all and we are sure that you would get some performance boost in games.

The score breakdown

08 May 2007

First P35 Benchmarks revealed based on Gigabyte P35-DQ6 at OCWorkbench

OCWorkbench posted the first review using the Gigabyte P35-DQ6 board. It has a number of benchmarks shown. It seems to outperform the NV680i when operating in DDR2-1066 mode.

I would say encouraging but i expected more.


ATi to launch 5 Mobile GPUs on 14 May 2007

ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 2300,Radeon™ HD 2400, Radeon™ HD 2400XT, Radeon™ HD2600 and Radeon™HD 2600XT on 14 May 2007.

ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 2300 delivers Certified for Windows Vista™ graphics and plays High Definition content on mainstream notebook PCs. It is a DX9 part but has Avivo™ HD technology for smooth video playback of HD DVD and Blu-ray™ content on mainstream notebook PCs

Unified Video Decoder (UVD) lets users watch HD DVD™ or Blu-ray™ movie on battery
Powers the stunning Windows Aero™ interface with Certified for Windows Vista™ 3D graphics Balances power and performance for long battery life with ATI PowerPlay™ 7.0 technology.

New PowerStrip to overclock ATi Radeon HD2900XT

A new version of PowerStrip will be able to overclock ATi Radeon HD2900XT. Current versions of software will not recognise the new GPU and won't work very well with it.

07 May 2007

ASUS Bearlake boards goes on sale in Taiwan and Hong Kong

Taiwanese readers are sure spoilt for choice. It is said that the ASUS boards are on sale in Taiwan in the wild. It seems to be the case in Hong Kong as well. Friends in Hong Kong told me that they are not allowed to take photos of it. Strange enough that a lot of sites like OCW already got P35 boards way before actual launch date.

I also come across a number of beautiful photos at ocworkbench. They published photos of the ASUS P5K3 Deluxe board. It comes with WIFI and has some nice stuff on board (DDR3 version). Here is the pictures of ASUS P5K3 Deluxe.

ATi new R600 driver is ver 8.374

Fuzilla reports thatATI has a new driver for R600, Radeon HD 2900XT cards. It is called 8.374 and it is suppose to speed up the Radeon HD 2900 XT cards for up to five percent.

On the other hand, shipments of Radeon HD 2600 XT is scheduled for end of June. This card will cost around €200 while the HD 2600 PRO version which goes up against the 8600 GT, is priced at around €150.

06 May 2007

First Gigabyte P35-DQ6 (Intel P35 aka Bearlake) Review sighted

OCWorkbench scores another first with its part 1 review of the Gigabyte P35-DQ6 motherboard. THis mainboard features 12 phase voltage regulator and supports the new upcoming 45nm processors.

You can visit it to check it out.

04 May 2007

Sapphire Heatpipe HD2900XT heatpipe edition exposed

You have been seeing too much reference design of the ATi Radeon HD2900XT. This is probably the first custom design you will see from Sapphire.

Check it out.