17 May 2007

Improve your Alexa Ranking with VISTA

A lot of websites especially start ups like to boost about their Alexa Ranking. I was quite surprised how Alexa actually works as most websites don't install a Counter. Even if one installs such a counter, will they want to publicise their traffic in public ?

Initally, I thought Alexa is just BS. After reading its documentation, I understand that it actually requires WindowsXP users to Install the so called Alexa toolbar. In fact, the ranking is based on how many people visit a particular site. If you don't install the toolbar, you are just missing the game.

Some sites I know of actually has supporters whom are probably paid to install the alexa toolbar on WINXP and reload their mainpage just to boost their ranking.

I have tried it on this blog after installing the alexa toolbar. The ranking went up in a few days time.

These sites or webmasters are really silly to deceive themselves by this boosted records. If you are the supporter of the site, just to let you know that you have been asked to install a malware for the purpose of boosting that site's ranking.

Anyway, Alexa toolbar is treated as a malware in VISTA. FireFox users can't install the toolbar as well.

There are some alternatives though. Below are some which you can use on FireFox.

Some developers have already built FireFox toolbars incorporating Alexa. You can find them here:

SearchStatus. Quirk has built a small toolbar that shows Alexa Rank and Google PageRank.

About This Site. Gina Trapani at scribbling.net built a handy plugin.
SEO Toolbar. The Rankquest SEO Toolbar provides you quick access to many SEO tools including the Alexa Traffic Rank.

Wyzo. If you would like to try a new browser based on Firefox, the Wyzo Media Browser comes pre-loaded with Alexa data via the SearchStatus extension.

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