31 May 2007

Register and get a free PFINGO VOIP account

Register and get a free PFINGO VOIP account. You can get this number for FREE. 3105xxxx and users can call you anywhere over VOIP using Nokia E61, E65.


tell you your experience here.

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Anonymous said...

UNABLE TO TERMINATE pfingo account.
Regret: Free pfingo account - Bad experience!



The above pfingo account proved it will not bear to cancel any account. pfingo wants to keep this account active and accepts full liabilities from the account even though it was informed that this account will disregard all pfingo's rules, regulations, terms and conditions.

Do not register your personal/private mobile number or you may regret.
You may pay S$8 for a S$10 Singtel prepaid card. Use the Singtel number to register for your pfingo account to protect the privacy of your personal/private mobile number.

Feel free to break pfingo terms and conditions as they will rather have a growing membership than to terminate any account.