12 June 2007

Starhub Cable to raise fees from $4 to $10 across the board

From July 11, subscription for the Basic Group and Value Pack will go up by $4. That means their cheapest package of three basic groups will cost $24.

And in October, the price for the Sports Group will be up $10 to $25. In 2004, the price for this group almost doubled - from $8 to $15. Sports fans will be the ones who pay most.

What is your say ?


Anonymous said...

well, i will cancel my sports group, reduce my basic to 3 groups, cancel my HBO.... cancel my max online, cancel my starhub mobile and sign up for MIO.

Anonymous said...

MIO comes out to almost the same price isn't it?

hdtv said...

I think the Singtel IPTV is going to be launched next week at CommunicAsia.