16 July 2007

PC makers continue to develop laptops with HDTV capabilities

PC manufacturers are continuing to push the development of HDTV capabilities in their desktop and laptop computers. Gateway and AMD are the latest companies to embrace high-definition technology with both arms.

Gateway has announced its M-Series and T-Series laptop ranges, which both come HDTV Ready. And, AMD is launching its TV Wonder 650 Combo PCIe – a plug and play device that allows any compatible PC to receive locally available satellite and cable programming, including HDTV channels.

Gateway's line up features PCs with HDMI outputs, optional ATI graphics, Blu-ray or HD-DVD drives and wireless connectivity – and gateway is pushing to have HDTV integrated into its laptops. The M-Series comes with a high-resolution (1920x1200) 15in screen, while the T-Series features a slightly smaller 14in screen – not large enough for home cinema but ideal if you're on the move.

While you'll still have to subscribe to HDTV services using AMD's TV Wonder 650 device, free to air HD broadcasts should be accessibly…if they ever arrive. And, with its external ATI TV Wonder 600 USB the device will also be able to record programmes to DVR too.


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