17 July 2007

Samsung 40" IDTV LA40M81BD LCD TV with embedded H.264 decoder review sighted

OCWorkbench reviewed the Samsung 40" IDTV LA40M81BD LCD TV. It is the first LCD TV with embedded Digital (DVB-T) tuner that can decode H.264 broadcasts. The pictures posted were amazingly clear.

I am pondering where to buy it. It is priced at around ~SGD 6000 which is way too expensive just for the purpose of watch HD5 which is just a simulcast of Channel 5.

The review URL.

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Anonymous said...

Hi I just bought one of these. I looked at them a couple of weeks ago and didnt want to spend $2700 AUD. I went back yesterday, bought it + extended warranty so it now has 7 years and it cost $2600.

It is a truly excellent TV. I was wondering if I would feel buyers remorse but instead am absolutely over the moon. Image quality on the 28 digital channels is excellent. The analog channels are very good from across the room but show artefacts up close.

Sound is fantastic and it worked right off the bat with my Apple TV as well.
If they are planning more digital channels in Singapore - and the price goes dowm :) - I suggest having a second look.


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