16 July 2007

Singapore's QMAX pushes speed envelope of wireless broadband to 1Mbps

Singapore's only Wimax Operator Qmax has upped its speed limits to 1Mbps. Previously it only offer plans of Q256K and Q512K at SGD11.90 and SGD21.90 with 1 yr contract.

The new subscription plan for Q1Mbps is at SGD 37.45 and there is no contract involved. You have to pay upfronta One Time Charge (OTC) activation fee of SGD74.80.

All plans are inclusive of 7% GST and they
Product Price: No Contract Subscription : Q1Mbps ($ 37.45)
One Year Subscription Plan: Q256K ($ 11.90) , Q512K ($ 21.90)

Considering the pricing, it is very competitive as Singtel now offers ADSL 1Mbps around SGD 30-33 for 1 or 2 yrs contract. M1 Broadband on the other hand offers HSDPA service with 6 mths contract at SGD 22 for 384Kbps and SGD 38 for 1.8Mbps.

Both M1 Broadband and Qmax do not require any existing phone line or cable. Thus, if you do not already have a fix line and paying SGD 8 a mth, the wireless plans are way cheaper.

So which broadband plan will you choose ?


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