22 August 2007

HDDVD and Bluray rental service is available in Singapore

Most of us, who probably already own a HDDVD drive (XBOX) or a PS3 (BluRay) are wondering where could we rent video titles to try out the image quality of these two standards (via HDMI interface).

Well, it looks like Play! has quietly launched their HDDVD and BluRay rental service through their kiosks as early as 16 of August this year.

There are a couple of titles available in HDDVD or Bluray format at various kiosks scattered throughout Singapore. You have to make a booking before collection at the selected kiosk.

According to the site, each rental is around S$8.00 per title for a day.
Titles available are

Gone in 60 secs (Blu-Ray)
Casino Royale (Blu-Ray)
Scorpion King (HD DVD)
Italian Job (Blu-Ray)
X-men 3 (Blu-Ray)
Bourne Supremacy (HD DVD)
Batman begins (HD DVD)
Fearless (HD DVD)
mission impossible III (Blu-Ray)
Serenity (HD DVD)
Miami Vice (HD DVD)
Letters from Iwo Jima (Blu-Ray)
Curse of the golden flower (HD DVD)

If you are renting, share with us your experience.

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