06 August 2007

LCD TV and PDP TV declines substantially while standard format LCD Monitor stabilizes

Acording to WitsView Jul’07 Monthly Major Region Street Price report Jul’07 Global Street Prices of LCD TV, PDP TV and LCD Monitor continued to decrease except 4:3 LCD Monitor. Mainstream Size of LCD TV covering 32, 37, 40 and 42” dropped between 0.8% and 2.2%, compared to last month. PDP TV fared a little worse, where the most popular 42” and 50” PDP saw a 2.6%~3.6% drop. As for LCD Monitor, Wide screen formats, including 19, 20.1w and 22w experienced a 0.9%~3.6% price drop, while traditional 4:3 aspect ratio products remained stable. 19” slipped 0.4%, while the 17” price was up surprisingly by 2.2%.

After slipping back to the USD500 level in Jun’07, 20” LCD TV price stayed at the USD482 level for this month. 26” LCD TV decreased 23 dollars to USD669. In the regional market, the 26” LCD TV in the Chinese and Korean markets witnessed larger decreases, as the amount of high end models reduced in the market.

32” LCD TV is averagely priced at USD836, 2% lower than the previous month. As the first LCD TV size to be purchased by most families, its price trend is always a key focus. In the US market, the lowest priced 32” is only $400, and the tier-2 32” average price is merely USD544. As far as the high-end models are concerned, the average price is still priced at 1,200~1,400 in most markets except in China, where you can buy tier1’s high end products at about USD880.

The average price of the 37” LCD TV is USD1,136, a more than one hundred dollar gap difference from the USD1,000 level. However, in terms of bargain models, the US, UK and China’s 37” low-end average prices range from USD630 to USD930. Even in the Japan market, low-end 37” also require only USD1,057.

The price difference between the 40” and 42” LCD TV is closing. The higher priced 40” saw a larger price drop, resulting in a USD13 gap between the 2 sizes. Although the average price of the 40” is higher than the 42”, the 40” budget products are more affordable. For example, 40” lower-end average price is USD878, but 42” still need USD884 in US market. In Japan market, 40” and 42” low-end is averagely priced at USD1,115 and USD1,378 respectively.

Regarding the larger 46”~65” segment, the 46” enjoys the largest price drop (4.6%). At the moment, 46/47” average price are still higher than USD2,000, USD700 more compared to the 40/42” group. However, according to WitsView’s global street price survey, consumers in US and Chinese Market can find 46/47 bargain models reaching as low as USD1,000~1,100.

The prices of 52” or larger are diversified in different regions. For example, 52” in UK is tagged at USD3,932 by average. In the US, they are priced as low as USD2,732.

Regarding PDP TV, 42” average price is USD1,592 in Jul’07. Its decline is more serious than the same sized LCD TVs, resulting in the price difference to increase to USD127. WitsView points out, although 42” PDP TV average price is lower, its high-end model still costs USD3,000 in average, much higher than LCD TV in the same size.

50” PDP TV declined 3.6%, reaching USD2,802. Currently, 50” PDP TV is less USD1,000 expensive than 52” LCD TV. However, if we compare high end product between 50” PDP TV and 52” LCD TV, the latter is more affordable.

Among the mainstream LCD Monitor sizes, wide screen models declined more significantly. While 19w decline less than 1.0%, 20.1w and 22w’s price fell 3.5% and 3.6%. On the other hand, traditional 4:3 model appears more stable. 19” decreased 1 dollar to USD228 and 17” even enjoyed a 2.2% raise.

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