16 August 2007

MIO TV Channels Down

While I was watching the news on ETTV Asia, the screen suddenly turned blank with a message "No Signal". This happened at around 7pm on 16/08/07. A check on other channels shows that Channels 10,11,12 (VOOM HD, Equator HD, SLing HD)all went offline. Even channel 26 ETTV Yoyo is offline with message with green background "No Signal". I wonder how long does it take for Singtel to know that these channels went offline and replace it with a "Sorry for the inconveniences caused" message.


hairil said...

Mine on fiber,when they install,all my mio TV channels on fiber say No signal error.At last,it say "No Signal due to PON connection error and we apologised for any incovininece caused and please call 1688 for assitance".

Anonymous said...

Is it solved now

Hairil said...

I have to wait for 2 half months till 24 June to get the signal up.

Luckly,mio TV on fiber have signal now.

2wire 5012NV---mio TV

hdtv said...

Are you using Singnet on fibre?
Do they provide mio tv on Fibre alone?

Hairil said...

We are having exPlore Home 50 on Fiber with mio TV Box.
2wire 5012NV-002 RG - $ 5.00/month
2nd HD Set-Top Box - $12.00/month
Main HD Set-Top Box - $0/month

Hairil said...

Yes I am on Fiber exPlore Home 50 Since June 2011.

They also provide mio TV on Fiber connection and the HDMI Issue is solved by now.