28 August 2007

Mio TV problems ...

Today, Singtel's Mr. troubleshooter came. After 1/2 hr of checking the line condition which has always been good, he called up the "backend" to check as if I am sure that i don't have Singnet on my line (I already told him at least 3 times I use other network operator for internet). The line is dedicated for Mio TV.

After he is convinced, I demonstrated the problem. The problem arises from the setting to 720p or 1080i. The resolution state is never save. Every time I restart the box, it will be set back to 4:3. This is really annoying.

Another problem is that if I set the TV to 1080i mode (HDMI), watched it for a while and switch off and on the LCD TV, the screen will be halved, with a large patch of purplish colour and flickering image on top.

You know what the 'backend' suggested? USE RCA!! Gosh, if I buy a HDTV set to use RCA to watch Equator HD, i must be NUTS!!! I recommended to change the set top box.

He agreed and changed a set top box for me. The wait is so long, seeing the wheels coming on screen and the status bar never seem to move.

Well, at last the wait is over and I can now save the resolution state to 1080i. The problem with the purplish screen is not solved. They will escalate and inform Motorola for a Fix , probably a new firmware.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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