01 October 2007

Free (1 episode) of Korean Drama on Mio TV

Looks like Singtel has finally decided to entice more users with free movies and drama serials on it Mio TV. This is a good move. If users like the show, they will watch "buy" the following 20 - 25 episodes at a S$1.07 per episode.

Today (1st Oct), Mio tv also updated the video on demand titles. I wonder when will they include HD movies in the video on demand selection list. Just hate to watch 4:3 versions using a high definition screen.


MaungMaung said...

I guess they will add more VOD and HD channels during HD5 launch to get more customers.

MaungMaung said...

for Korean drama, i would rather download from Veoh for free and watch it.

hdtv said...

that is not the way. We should discourage piracy.

MaungMaung said...

yea i tried not to do as much as i can but sometimes its really tempting.

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