05 September 2007

miotv problem continues...

Till today, no one has called me from Motorola (Singtel said they will ask them to call) to rectify the HDMI issue.

After reading some forums out there like xtremeplace and ocworkbench, I noticed that i am not alone with the HDMI issue.

Rather than meddling with HDMI, I tested it using Component Video. Alas, so far so good. At least the box won't auto reboot or give me a half pink screen after waking the set top box up from standby mode.

One thing I still don't like about MioTV box is that it takes around 2 minute to BOOT UP! That is way too ridiculous. Starhub box only took at the most 10 secs. If i were to watch an important news, I would be watching the 9.02pm news instead of 9pm news since I will be spending my time, waiting for the box to boot up after powering up.

If they don't resolve all these issues, I think it is time to say goodbye to mio. It is too problematic and not ready.


MaungMaung said...

lately i have problems with HDMI too. My TV wont get HDMI signal. After changing source and get back to HDMI, i will see press ok to watch movies screen with half distorted and half ok. But the screen is stuck there and i cant do anything untill i restart the system. Now i just leave the box on all the time to avoid it and hope the box burn down! lol

Anonymous said...

Post your screen captures and show us. Let's see if you have the same issues.

Anonymous said...

Any updates on the HDMI cable issue?

I've subscribed to mio TV too and is currently connecting my mio TV box to my HD Ready TV using RCA cable.

Planning to get for myself a HDMI cable soon.

hdtv said...

Didn't they provide you with component cables?

I think better don't waste your money with HDMI cable, you will end up as pissed as me.

Till today, they haven't give me a solution to their set top box problem.

Edwin said...

I posted some comments in your previous post about MioTV and I guess now you see what I mean.

Singtel's technical support needs to improve!

MaungMaung said...

as long as you don't switch off mio box or put it in standby mode, you wont face any HDMI issues. lol lately i just leave it on all the time and no more HDMI problems.

Andy said...

Reference to comments no. 3

Yup, i'm provided with components too. Actually the Singtel installer connects both the component cable and RCA cable saying it's required for the sound input/output.

hdtv said...


That is correct. I am doing that too.
I would love to use my HDMI cable to save the clutter. Too bad, it doesn't work too well.

So far, they have promised to get back to me, its been more than 1 week, no one from motorola/singtel called.

Andy said...

Connected the mio TV box to my LCD TV using HDMI cable yesterday and everything works fine, "swee swee".

But sad to say... This morning when I switch on the mio TV, i'm getting signal but like what "maungmaung" says, the screen is half distorted and half ok until I restart the system and everything is back on again. Sianz...

Hope SingTel and/or Motorolla can get this issue fixed soon so that I may actually truly enjoy the service.

Andy said...


Not sure if SingTel had actually done a firmware to the mio TV STB from their side, but my mio TV with HDMI cable combo has been working fine for the past few days. No more freezing screen and restarting of the system (i hope so)...

hdtv said...

Really. Could you check the version of the firmware .. Do you know where to check the info?

hdtv said...

Do you place it in standby mode and after it wakes up, the image won't be distorted.

Take note that 720p is not affected. Only whe you set to 1080i, problem arises.

Andy said...

Not sure if this the the number your looking for,

v1.1.3988.3 &
v5.0.1400 (WinCE Version)

That's right, set the STB to standby mode and the next day when I resume the STB, the image is not distorted and not freezed. My display output is set to 1080i

Has been working fine for 3 days. (effective saturday morning)

hdtv said...

That version is the initial firmware release. There is no change in the number.

I am still having the same firmware version 3988 (release).

Andy said...

Not sure about the initial version number cos' I never wrote it down when I 1st receive the mio TV STB.

All I can say is that it is working fine for me atm and hope that it will keep this way...

Hope you get your problem fixed soon.

Anonymous said...

That is the initial version number and hasn't been changed at all.

I would fix it up again using HDMI and try it out.

Did you try power off and try again? See if the screen breaks out after waking it up from standby mode.

btw, does you rbox takes 2 mins to boot up? It is really irritating.. Starhub box only take at the most 10 secs.

hdtv said...

The problem is still there. There are no firmware updates which resolve the HDMI issue (so far).

Singtel seems to be sitting on the problem and is not providing a solution to it.

Andy said...

Sad to hear that you're still having this problem...

Anyway, just receive my SingTel bill and sadly they billed me $53.50 for the installation charge when I actually signed up for the mio TV service during the COMEX 2007.

Called them up regarding this issue and the CSO attending to me said that she will check and later confirm that the amount will be waived but will only be reflected in the next billing cycle.

Really dunno what SingTel is doing, service seems to be getting from bad to worst.

Andy said...


sad to inform that after a few good working days, the mio TV & HDMI Cable combo failed on me again. Wonder why???

While watching HD 5, saw a notice scrolling @ the bottom of the screen that a new firmware upgrade is available for the commercial set-up box (HUMAX brand). So when is SingTel / Motorola gonna release a new firmware to fix this stupid issue?

hdtv said...

Haha, told you that firmware is the release version which has that issue.

btw, what channels do you subscribe to?

Andy said...

Subscribed to: -

Mei Ah Movies On Demand &
Hong Kong Dramas

for my mother-in-law to watch cos' she was complaining that MediaCorp channel is boring and outdated especially in the afternoon on both weendays and weekends. But sadly after watching a few episodes of the Hong Kong Dramas, she was complaining again that the drama is boring and leaving things there again so now it only left for me to watch the show.

Would have subscribed to other channel that is to my liking if I knew that she is just gonna leave the thing alone and not watch it.

hdtv said...

Well the MeiAh movies are Cantonese which might appeal to many, but the library of films are poor as compared to Star Movies (CH 62). Too bad CH 62 is all in Mandarin.

As for HK Drama, it is ATV's programmes. ATV drama has never appeal to local audience even in HK audience.

For me, I subscribe to ETTV news and BBC (3 channels) and WorldSport HD.

I am going to cancel the WorldSports HD and BBC. Maybe just subscribe to the BBC Knowledge. The content is good.

To make up 16.05,maybe i will subscribe to another channel.

I think i will just watch HD5 and forget abt the VOOM channels, all the 3 channels have similar programmes. VOOM is only good for testing HD.

MaungMaung said...

I wished they add more sports channels for users who dont have SCV.

For the problem with the box, i dont switch it off anymore to avoid it. Last Saturday, while watching HD movie with Mio, the movie freeze like every 10 minutues but it doesnt happen after that day. Might be many user are watching that movie at the same time lol.

hdtv said...

Actually, you can save a lot of electricity if you either shut it down or put it to standby mode. That is true for the LCD TV too.

btw, i have been encountering pauses every now and then. It is very irritating and that happens to Ch 5,8,U,CNA too.

So, what channels did you subscribe to. Are we the only 3 person who subscribe to mio tv and uses HDMI ?

off topic- i saw some screen shots of equator hd at this link


hdtv said...

I think the service is unacceptable to an extent. The box needs 2 mins to BOOT UP, it is way too ridiculous. Is Singtel going to do anything abt that?

I have called them many times abt the HDMI, they claim that i am the only one having HDMI issue.If you are having the issue like maungmaung and me, please call their hot line and let them know there are many people having the same issues.

MaungMaung said...

I know it saves electric bill but i cant wait two minutes or more (if HDMI problem!). They need to solve this loading time issue too. I wonder why the box need so much time to load mio? For the the pausing problem only happen with HD 5 and HD movies. For SD channels, I dont have this problem.

Currently I subscribed to Pix, Pix Thriller and KBS world. Didnt subscribe to any of HD channels as I dont like the contents. I dont plan to continue with KBS world too as I dont have time to watch those dramas. So basically I use mio just to watch movies on demand as I can watch whenever i am free plus HD5. It seems like not many ppl are using Mio due to problems which is bad for us too. If singtel dont make profit, they will not improve the system or add more channels.

Andy said...

Sad but true, but we can't really expect to see much exciting contents being included into mio TV until existing one(s) sold to StarHub contract expires do we stand a chance...

Gonna give SingTel a call tomorrow and let them know that there is one more user with HDMI issue and if they don't believe me, they can always come over to my place to check it out...

hdtv said...


Do you have Starhub cable tv? I think starhub's price is a bit too high but it seems to be a better deal.

hdtv said...

Do you think they will ever improve the boot up time from 2 mins to 10 secs?

Andy said...

Nope, I did not subscribe to StarHub Cable TV and I do agree that the monthly subscription is higher than to mio TV.

Don't think that it'll ever happen. Will be greatful if SingTel/Motorola can actually improve the boot-up time to around 1 min.

Andy said...

It is strange that the hundreds or maybe thousands selected for the IPTV trial didn't experience this issue or could it be that [i]none[/i] uses HDMI cable with 1080i resolution combo as from what i've read from http://sg.hardwarezone.com.

One tester even quoted saying that I've bought a faulty HDMI cable...

hdtv said...

Seriously I don't quite believe those trailist at hardwarezone. Most of them are not technically inclined and I doubt anyone really tested it with standby mode.

I wonder why the trialist never bother to feedback to Singtel abt the long boot up time of 2 mins.

MaungMaung said...

may be the loading time two minutes is due to security since we can buy channels online they need to make sure its well protected.

Andy said...

Strange thing just happen to me again, yesterday night when I on the STB, the stupid thing is working again. Tried again this morning and it's in working condition too.

Dunno how am I gonna explain to SingTel when they do send someone over and suay suay the STB does work on that faithful day after making so many noise???

hdtv said...

The device is a WINDOWS CE. Windows takes 2 mins to boot on the average? LOL

I have never seen a STB that takes so long to boot up. Friends in Hong Kong using IPTV never took so long to boot up the STB.

Andy, i think your problem is also intermittent. Intermittent problem is the worst.

btw, what tvs are you guys using. give brand/model.

Andy said...

Samsung 32" LCD

As for model number, gotta wait till I get home to check it out.

MaungMaung said...

lol the intermittent problem is the worst and difficult to solve.
Anyway I am using Samsung LA26R71W. Should have bought 32 inch one but this one is also OK as i am only using it in bedroom.

hdtv said...

Wah, you guys are rich, Samsung some more. I use palladine. cheapest..

So, it seems that it is not the problem of the tv since samsung also experience the same issues.

It seems that we are the only 3 subscribers. do you know of any others, do ask them to visit here.

Andy said...

Will do. :)

hdtv said...

It is been 1 and a half month. SIngtel hasnt' resolve the HDMI issue.

THe worst thing is that, I saw the same problem at WEST mall's demo unit. The purple split screen syndrome..hahaha

They don't intend to solve the problem or has no idea how to solve it ?

hdtv said...

btw, new korean drama (free episode 1) only can be watched right now! CHeck it out.

MaungMaung said...

I guess they have no idea about the problem and the problem doesnt occur all the time. So they must have ignore the problem. I wonder when they are gonna update movies in Pix and Pix thriller. Suppose to update today.

hdtv said...

new split screen feature saw on at West Mall's Singtel shop LOL. Apparently the sales doesn't even know why the screen splits into half purple.

That means even at their showroom they are having the same problem and yet they're not solving it.

Andy said...

My STB has been working fine for the past few days and is still on the same one initial firmware release. Hope that it'll stay this way and won't be intermittent.

The Mei Ah Movies On Demand channel has been updated with around 9 new movies (if i'm not mistaken) but sad to say that most are very old shows which I think nobody will be interested in except for the Death Note 2.

hdtv said...

Gosh today is the HD5 launch (lift off) and guess what
the mio tv is DOWN.

After rebooting the box at least 5 times i am still getting NTP error.

Don't know what is wrong man! really shit.

hdtv said...

How is everything guys?
I watched HEROES on HD5 yesterday, it froze more than 5 times in the 1.5 hrs I watched from 10.30.

HDMI issue is still unresolved. It still takes 2 minutes to boot up the stupid damn box.

Another bug I noticed. Using Component Cable vs HDMI. The audio level using Component input it very much softer than using HDMI.

The weird thing is, if I first select component input and switch it to HDMI and then back to component, the audio level improves and louder than the HDMI..


hdtv said...

I am pissed.. I subsribed to the PIX Thriller. When i wanted to watch "Fear Dot COM" The movie is no longer there! But "The One" and some movies have been there over 2 mths! WHY!

saffie730 said...

I just upgraded to Fibre package(exPlore Home 50) with SingTel for 1 month already.I don't have issues with HDMI on my mio TV STB For 1 months already.I also Have 2nd mio Set-Top Box and faster internet.

Time:06/30/2011 9:20:35 AM(session:07:09:48)
TV2 Client Version:1.6.25310.134(RELEASE)
Platform/OS Version:WinCE/5.0.1400
BootStrap ROM Version:1.1027
Set-Top Box / CPU:MOTOROLA VIP1200AP / 297
Set-Top Box Serial Number:M91037FAU844
MAC ID:00-25-F2-55-D3-B7
Client ID;de81c259-8a8a-44ad-b44a-99d96ce58e1

My 1st Set-Top Box
Time:06/24/2011 11:00:09 AM(session:00:01:03)
TV2 Client Version:1.6.25310.134(RELEASE)
Platform/OS Version:WinCE/5.0.1400
BootStrap ROM Version:1.1027
Set-Top Box / CPU:MOTOROLA VIP1200AP / 297
Set-Top Box Serial Number:M91005FBA612
MAC ID:00-23-A3-CD-BA-1A
Client ID:de81c259-8a8a-44ad-b44a-99d96ce58e1

Those of you got problems,please call 1688 or upgrade to exPlore Home 50 at $64.90 or change STB.

saffie730 said...

On new mio TV GUI also no issues except when it launched,that is different case.