16 September 2007

Starhub introduces Pay as You Roam (20%) Global Roaming service

For the frequent travellers or those heavy users of mobile services even while overseas, you may want to subscribe to International Roaming service for greater savings on your roaming usages. If you are currently on our PowerTalk Ultimate plan, you can enjoy FREE subscription of International Roaming on that mobile line.

If you are an occasional traveller or a light mobile service user when you travel, Pay As You Roam service may just be the right service to suit your needs. With FREE activation of this roaming Value-added Service and no monthly subscription, Pay As You Roam ensures that you can continue to stay contactable even while you travel. A Pay As You Roam customer will however, pay an additional 20% on top of the prevailing charges that an International Roaming subscriber will pay on the various services while roaming


Cecha said...

Now I at overseas and I have the services pay as you roam but cannot get any signal at call.

hdtv said...

Did you enable it before you went overseas?
Which country are you in right now?