13 September 2007

Straits Times video news now just a phone call away

YOU may want to put this number in the phonebook of your cellphone: 6403-9838.
This is because, from today - if you have a 3G-enabled mobile phone and Sim card - you will be able to watch video news clips from The Straits Times for free or at minimal cost.

The new service, called The Straits Times Vodcast Mobile, will give users access to news content if they simply make a video call to the number.

The service, provided by Maven Lab and Nano Equipment, uses 3G video technology to send out data.

It is a cheaper way of accessing the news than by mobile Internet, because charges on video calls are based on call duration, not data usage.

Depending on your phone subscription plan, video calls can be free, or cost you up to 16.05 cents a minute.


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