13 October 2007

Enjoy Equator HD, Sling HD and VoomHD 3 HD channels for $19.26 for 6 mths

Singtel mio tv is sweetening the deal. Looks like they will soon bundle channels. The first was BBC 3. Now it is the VOOM HD channels.

Now, instead of paying S$12.96 for a single HD channel, you can choose to subscribe to the three channels in a pack for $19.26. Usual price for the 3 channels would cost you S$38.53 per mth.
The catch is that you would need to subscribe it for 6 mths.

Just in case you are not aware, the 3 channels have some overlaps. Some SlingHD programming and Equator HD programs do appear on VoomHD and vice versa.


MaungMaung said...

although the deal is good, i wouldnt pay 19.26S for these three channels as i dont like the contents of these HD channels

Andy said...

Hmm, News has been going rathly slowly over here @ HDTV.

Tomorrow is a new month and hope that SingTel's mio TV will have better offerings for us consumers.

Keeping my fingers crossed...

hdtv said...

hi Andy

Ya, there isn't anything new abt MIO TV lately.

HDMI issues still unresolved and they have not got back to me too..

That is so called first class support.

MaungMaung said...

When i started using HDMI switch, I dont have the HDMI problem anymore. I can switch off and on my box without any problem.

I read from xtreamplace that HD channels are now with 5.1 channels. I havent checked it yet though.

hdtv said...

Do you mean put on standby? are you setting everything to 1080i?

Did you notice the volume levels of component video is softer than using HDMI

MaungMaung said...

i tested with Stand by (Everyday) and power off (a few times) at 1080i setting. I guess this handshaking problem with our TVs. Heard PS3 also have this issue.

I dont know about volume level as i am only using optical for that part.