13 October 2007

HD5 lift off, Singtel Mio TV Crashed

Today, Mediacorp HD5 is lifting off. The weird thing happened, an service outrage on Singtel MIO TV. The box keeps rebooting by itself with error message

An error has occured, please restart your set top box.
"Failed to create engine. Engine creation failed because NTP failed to initalize"

A call to Singtel Hotline reveals that there are many subscribers are complaining the same problem.

Are you having the same problems?


MaungMaung said...

no problem with my mio...everything is ok. But I dont know what HD5 is showing now.

hdtv said...

Now showing some local productions shot in HD

Andy said...

No problem over here too, thought HD5 will only be officially broadcast on 11/11/2007?

hdtv said...

I watched

NDP 2007 (1 hr) and also True Stories or is it Life Stories.

They are all in native HD. It is very very clear.

From the trailer, it seems that we should be expecting HD versions of these movies on HD5.

Terminator 3


hdtv said...

andy, today's schedule is quite different from CH 5. At 9.30pm , it reverted back to the upscaled version of CH 5.

All the TV schedules on MIO tv are all wrong for HD5.

MaungMaung said...

they are just showing HD programs for the duration of HD 5 road shows. But I think they should have shown more interesting programs than they are showing right now.