31 October 2007

WoWTV to counter Singtel mio TV?

Looks like couch potatoes have another option to watch your movies on a video on demand service by local operator MobTV. It is known as WoWTV and delivers video over the broadband network, be it wireless or wired solution.

The good news is that WoWTV offers a free tier which you can watch the shows on your PC without the need to subscribe to any service.

There are other options though, including a subscription service of S$40 a year which gives you more channels to watch on demand.

I have tested some titles and found them to be pretty good on the free tier. If you intend to watch, be ready to get at least a 1Mbps broadband. A 512Kbps will work but it keeps lagging as most of the videos seemed to be delivered at a higher data rate of 700Kbps.

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