24 November 2007

Singtel mio tv to introduce 2 new channels - DW and GMA Pinoy TV

Singtel mio tv will add another two channels to it's line up. The first is the DW from Germany and another is a Filipino language channel GMA Pinoy TV.

22 November 2007

StarHub Offers Barclays Premier League In High-Definition Splendour

StarHub Offers Barclays Premier League In High-Definition Splendour

StarHub launches HD SHOWCASE, a new high-definition channel featuring ‘live’ Premier League matches

Two ‘live’ Premier League matches per match-week, and up to 92 matches this season in high-definition

Singapore, 22 November 2007 – StarHub takes the sports-viewing experience in Singapore to an unprecedented level, announcing today that it will offer selected 2007/2008 Premier League matches ‘live’ in full high-definition (HD) glory on a new HD channel - HD SHOWCASE (Channel 303).

Subscribers of HD SHOWCASE will enjoy at least two ‘live’ Premier League matches per match-week, and up to 92 matches for the current Premier League season. In addition to Premier League programming, viewers of HD SHOWCASE can look forward to more HD content from a variety of genres in future.

Mr Patrick Lim, StarHub’s Vice President of Cable TV Services said, “We remain committed to deliver the best TV-viewing experience possible to our customers. Based on the very positive feedback we received regarding our trial HD broadcast of the 2006 FIFA World Cup, we are confident that HD SHOWCASE will be popular among soccer buffs who want an even more immersive experience of the Barclays Premier League.”

HD SHOWCASE will be added at no additional charge to StarHub Digital Cable’s HD Plus package from 24 November 2007. HD Plus is priced at $15 ($16.05 with 7% GST) monthly, and currently comprises two HD channels – Discovery HD (Channel 302) and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL HD (Channel 301).

High-definition television (HDTV) offers viewers a true cinematic experience at home, with four times picture clarity and more realistic sound quality. Also, as HD content is filmed on a widescreen 16:9 ratio format compared to the traditional 4:3 ratio format, viewers will have a panoramic widescreen view with up to 33 percent more screen-view compared to what they can enjoy on a standard TV screen.

Mr Lim added, “While we’re pleased with the consumer reception towards our existing HD channels, we are of the view that a diversity of HD content will drive greater acceptance of HD technology. The Premier League is one of our most popular sports properties, and we hope that the availability of HD Premier League content via HD SHOWCASE will be an added incentive for TV viewers to jump onto the HD bandwagon.”

Customers must own StarHub’s HD set-top box and a HD-ready TV set, and subscribe to a minimum of three Basic Groups and HD Plus, in order to enjoy StarHub’s HDTV service. The HD set-top box is available for purchase at $285 ($304.95 with 7% GST), or at a promotional price of $95 ($101.65 with 7% GST) for those who sign on a 12-month StarHub Digital Cable contract.

In addition to an enhanced audio and visual experience, customers using the HD set-top box enjoy all innovative features that users of StarHub’s digital set-top box currently have access to. These include the On-screen TV Guide, Programme Alert, Auto-Tune, Video Mosaic, Info Bar, Quick Surf, Chat, access to Demand TV, and complimentary games.

Viewers can refer to the On-screen TV Guide or StarHub’s Online Programme Guide at www.starhub.com/cabletvfor the schedules of HD SHOWCASE. Existing StarHub Digital Cable customers can call 1633 to subscribe to StarHub’s HDTV services, while new customers who wish to subscribe to StarHub Digital Cable can call 1630.

18 November 2007

AMD Phenom Quad Core GP-9600 benchmarks appeared on the net running on Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DQ6

AMD Phenom X4 GP-9600 benchmarks has appeared on the net. In the test, the CPU is compared to a QX6700 underclocked to 230x10 to do a clock to clock comparison.

The performance of the AMD Phenom GP-9600 is quite good when a pair of 2600XT were attached to the Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DQ6 motherboard. In fact, according to their results, the game performance far surpasses my rig of a Q6600+8600GTS.

You can read the concise review leaving you to decide how well the phenom performs in multimedia applications and games.

You can read it here.

16 November 2007

Starhub maxonline gets free boost to 8Mbps

MaxOnline Express Subscribers To Get A Higher Download Speed at No Additional Cost Subscribers will soon be able to enjoy always-on, unlimited broadband access to the Internet at up to 8Mbps Singapore, 16 November 2007 –StarHub today announced that from 1 January 2008, customers on the MaxOnline Express subscription plan will be able to connect to the Internet at a higher download speed of up to 8Mbps. Currently, this plan provides a broadband speed of up to 6Mbps for downloading.

The speed boost will come at no additional charge to MaxOnline Express customers. MaxOnline Express is priced at S$56 (S$59.92 with GST) monthly.

To benefit from this upcoming enhancement, MaxOnline Express customers need to simply reset the cable modem by turning the electrical power source off and on from the effective date to enjoy the improved online experience instantly.

StarHub's MaxOnline range of post-paid broadband plans are packaged to meet the different bandwidth requirements of residential users who surf the Internet regularly. For occasional or light Internet users, StarHub also offers two MaxOnline pre-paid services. As at 30 September 2007, there are 338,000 households on the MaxOnline service.

More exciting MaxOnline offers for new sign-ups and recontracts can be expected at Sitex 2007. Visit StarHub's booth at 6D01 (Hall 6) from 29 November to 2 December 2007 to find out more!

11 November 2007

Mediacorp HD5 launches officially

HD5 now broadcast 24 hours daily.

Apart from several programmes that are in True HD, the rest of the broadcasting hours are up converted simulcast of Channel 5.

With the launch of mio TV, a subscription based IPTV service from SingTel, subscribers can receive HD5 for free (though mio TV's HD Set-Top box charges apply) and along with other MediaCorp TV channels.

HD Programmes schedule
7.30pm - 9.30pm WeeklyThursday Night Movie Stay Home Saturday Movie Sunday Prime Movie
9.00pm - 9.30pm Tuesday Makansutra Raw
10.00pm - 11.00pm Monday HeroesTuesday CSI Miami

Upcoming programmes that will be shown in True HD
Heroes [starting 12 Nov 2007, every Monday]
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Alien vs. Predator
Batman Begins
Charlie's Angel
Christmas with the Kranks
Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines
The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
The Village

10 November 2007

AMD Phenom 9600 (2.3GHz) Benchmarks Revealed

The net is always full of surprises. Today, while browsing the web, I came across some early numbers of a probably retail edition of the Phenom processor. According to the post with picture of the CPU, it looks like a retail product. I am not sure if it is an engineering sample or whatsoever.

Anyway, the results shows that the AMD Phenom 9600 is no match for the QX6700 in multimedia but it somewhat got better results when compared against the AMD X2 6400+ and the Intel X6800.

01 November 2007

Two new Rent-A-Pack channels added to mio tv - PictureBox and EROS Bollywood

Two new Rent-A-Pack channels added to mio tv, they are PictureBox and EROS Bollywood. The first shows Classic movies while the later shows Indian movies from Bollywood.

Looks like Mio TV is in for a good fight to capture more English and Indian audience.

Singtel should seriously consider having the Rent-A-Pack in HD, perhaps a Korean movie channel?

Singtel Mio TV adds 3 new Indian Channels

Good news for the Indian viewers, Singtel mio tv is bringing 3 new channels, 2 starting from 1 Nov and the 3rd on 5 Nov.

The two new additions can be found on Ch 48 (NDTV) a news channel and Ch 49 (NDTV Profit) a channel on Finance. The 3rd is a supposedly a movie channel on Ch 55 (TBO) a movie channel showing movies from Bollywood.