19 December 2007

Singtel Mio TV upgrades firmware

Today when i turned on the set top box, a new firmware was downloaded to the box. The whole process took about 10 mins or so.

After spending some time testing the new firmware, other than some comestic changes to the interface. Now you can subscribe to the Rent A Pack channel directly from the interface. I noticed that the HDMI bug is still there. Volume levels using component video or RCA is also way softer than using HDMI.


Andy said...

Thanks for the info, will turn on my mio TV tonight when I get home to have the firmware upgraded.

MaungMaung said...

I havent tested the new firmware as I went back home after the update. Yesterday when I use it, i have had HDMI issue after very long time. I hope its just one time.

Andy said...

Pertaining to the HDMI issue, had to restart the STB everytime I turn it on with the screen freeze. After about 5 - 6 restarts (sometimes even more) the thing will works normally when resume from standby mode.

But if you were to power off/on the STB or restart it again, the problem will come back and you'll have to repeat the above steps over again.

Hope this help.

hdtv said...

This problem still exists. It is very irritating.

I noticed that I i use Component cable, there is no such issue, but the Audio level is much lower.

MaungMaung said...

yes the screen freeze problem can be solved by restarting the system. Luckily, I only need to restart once when the problem occur.

As for sound, I am using optical but its soft compare to other sources I have.

Andy said...

What I meant to say is that after about 5 - 6 screen freeze + restart of the STB, it'll work normally on the 7th time you resume the STB from standby mode as it should have in the 1st place.

Pritpal said...

Not to sure where to ask this question. I seem to be having a strange problem with my Mio TV. My box is hooked up to my amp via optical. HD5 outputs Dolby digital 5.1 , I get normal surround sound. However, every other channel seems to be broadcasting in mono. When I use my amp, set it to THX mode, all I get is the centre channel. Free to air Channel 5 via my antenna gets converted nicely into 5.1, yet via Mio it becomes mono.

hdtv said...

This is getting wierd. You mean all programmes on HD5 are in DD5.1? If yes, you shouldn't be getting surround sound only.

Every other channel should be in left-right 2 ch stereo, how can it be mono.

I assume you are using SPDIF out on the box to output to your amp.

btw, what do you mean by receiving over the air , are you also using the Draco box/

Pritpal said...

Yes, using the SPDIF. My Marantz displays it as DD 5.1. Via Mio TV For all the 'True HD' shows, I get true surround, with bullets whizzing past. For 'normal' shows on HD5, it still shows as DD5.1. Think media corp is doing the conversion from stereo on their side and pumping it out.

For all other Mio TV channel, although my amp displays the input as 2.0 stereo, both left & right channels are the same. So if I try a different mode, like THX or Neo, all I get is the centre channel.

If I view Media Corp Channel 5 via my normal TV antenna, the amp will display stereo. If I set it to THX, it will convert the source into 5.1.

On a side note, it is quite amazing how much surround information that can be obtained from a stereo source.

hdtv said...

This is really bad. Btw, did you check out the volume level output from the RCA jacks, Are they in stereo?

I noticed that when i use HDMI, the volume level to my TV is normal, loud enough just like my starhub box.

But when i connect it via RCA cable, the volume level is super soft for all channels except preview channel.

Singtel is hopeless, I complained since Aug 2007 till now, nothing done to resolve.

Secondly, the problem of HDMI connection with screen freezes (afer wake up from standby mode ) or halved with purple is not resolved even with the new firmware upgrade. Hopeless!

Pritpal said...

Yeah, tried to connect via the RCA jacks, it gives the same problem. If I plug in the left channel alone, I get my left front speaker active. Both left & right, my centre speaker. If only the right, my right speaker.

So following the logic on how the processing is done, I am getting mono that is sent to both left & right channels, hence no surround separation.

Not to sure about volume levels. Will go check when I am back home.

Wonder if I am the only one to have this problem....

I have stopped switching off the set top box. Waiting for it to boot is frustrating, can take up to 20 min. For HDMI, it might be a hhandshake issue. This is a known problem. HDMI is a #$%* standard, only there for DRM. Quite often, you have to reboot the source for the handshake to work right.

hdtv said...

This is really strange. But what you said means that there are different problems with different people.

btw, why do you need 20 mins to boot up the box. It usually takes 2 mins to boot from power up.

For me, I already gave up with Singtel tech support, it is like no support. Told them the RCA volume level is way softer than HDMI. They just didn't bother to go and check.

The tech support actually wanted to ask the LINES man to come down to check the phone line. I told her off. What has audio levels for digital tranmission got to do with the ADSL Line? So silly, their tech support sucks big time.

Did you call them up and ask them to check what is wrong with the left right as you are getting only MONO out.

Pritpal said...

After calling me a few times over a week, they finally told me the truth. It is broadcast as MONO!! Same thing as what Starhub was doing when they first started. Idiots! Could have told me that from the start. They have no idea when they will start broadcasting in stereo. Apparently, they are plans to broadcast all channels as Dolby Digital Stereo.

For volume levels, my optical SPDIF & RCA are the same for me.

I have not booted up the box in a while, as it used to take 20 min. Think the speed has become better since the firmware upgrade, now takes only 5 min. Can finally switch it off when I am not using it.

Main problem is, the tech support people can only answer general enquires. Think most people only have problems with turning the set on. Advance users (or people with too much time on their hands) spend time trying to figure out why only the centre speaker is working when I change to THX cinema mode. :)

hdtv said...

Gosh. don't tell me that all the channels , with HDMI or RCA audio out are all in MONO right now?

I don't have a AV amp, is there an easy way to check if both left and right channels are indeed giving the same audio signal?

hdtv said...

Are you using the box with Record facility. It is quite ridiculous to take 20mins and now 5 mins to boot up the box!