25 March 2008

ETTV ASIA and ASIA PLUS to be available on Singtel MIO TV

ETTV ASIA and ASIA PLUS to be available on Singtel MIO TV. ETTV ASIA (东森亚洲台)will be on Channel 71 while ASIA PLUS (东风)will be available on Channel 72 on Singtel Mio TV platform. Both channels will begin transmission from 1st April 2008.

This came as a surprise as Starhub removed ETTV ASIA on it's Chinese Plus some time ago and stop transmission of Asia Plus (now replaced by TVBS-N) due to low tv ratings.

Anyway, it is always good news that you can now subscribe to these channels at a cheaper rate than bundling a deal of channels which you don't even have time to watch.

I hope they will bring in other channels like FTV (民视)from Taiwan, they have excellent dramas.


Anonymous said...

Most likely SCV does not want to renew both these channels hence MIO offering them. Still waiting for Trace TV to come on MIO. Did that Tricia woman from Singtel get back to you?

hdtv said...


Anonymous said...

I decided to give ETTV Asia channel a try (on Mio TV Channel 71), and I understand now why SCV dropped it. Lousy picture quality, poor programming (old shows) and excessive commercials (before, during and after shows).