29 April 2008

Youtube can't stream with Maxonline

I really regret signing up for the Starhub Maxonline SurfLite. The speed is simply unacceptable after 7pm. Weekends is every worse.

In the past, I enjoy watching youtube videos over my wimax connection (512Kbps). Now, even with a 2mbps link, the speed is not even half of the wimax i had. Luckily I am paying S$29 a mth for 6 mths. I didn't want to commit a 2 yrs contract although I can get it at a cheaper rate of S$18 or so for first 11 mths and subsequently S$26.96 for the next 13 mths.

Do you think I should switch to Singnet ADSL 1mbps or 3mbps plan? Any Pacific Internet users ? How abt Mobile plans like M1 Broadband, BBmobile ?


Sandeep said...

I had the same issue ..for which I switched to Singtel & it is really good ..I am watching streaming TV on that too!

You can XFR ur maxonline connection to someone and get singtel mio


hdtv said...

How to transfer?

Anonymous said...

Just to share my own experience. I had been using starhub Maxonline Express package or equivalent(Starhub renames their branding and packages) for 6 years previously and was never able to view youtube successfully.
The streams were interrupted constantly.
Before I terminated, Starhub had upgraded the speed to 8MBits/sec. Starhub wanted me to continue to resign but I advised them that youtube had a problem, though to their credit, they did look into the problem but could not determine the cause.

Finally I changed to a basic Singnet ADSL of 3MBits/sec at a promotional price during PC show of almost one third of the Starhub price and watching of youtube and online TV is now very smooth and successful.

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