23 June 2008

SingTel to Launch euronews on mio TV

SingTel to Launch euronews on mio TV

SINGAPORE, June 20: euronews, the European news channel, will be available exclusively on SingTel’s pay-TV platform mio TV later this year.

euronews will be offered in four different languages—English, French, German or Italian—with viewers able to select their choice via remote control. The channel uses voice-over narration to accompany all news footage, except for live coverage, and features a “No Comment” segment dedicated to reports that exclusively consist of visual content. Every 30 minutes, euronews provides an updated bulletin containing in-depth coverage of the day's top news, sport, business and European affairs. It also showcases a wide range of current affairs and lifestyle features, including cinema, science, fashion, high technology and the arts.

euronews currently reaches more than 200 million homes in 130 countries through cable, satellite and terrestrial TV. In addition, the network is available via hotels, airline networks, ADSL, Internet, PDA and mobile phones. In Asia, the channel is already available in Japan, Vietnam, Australia and Hong Kong.

“The addition of euronews adds another well-respected news channel to our existing mio TV stable,” said Low Ka Hoe, SingTel’s director of mio TV and content. “We are certain that euronews will be very well received by Singaporeans who appreciate the channel’s dedication to remaining completely impartial and objective as well as its library of insightful features and documentaries.”

Philippe Cayla, the chairman and CEO of euronews, added: "While European Commissioner Viviane Reding is in Singapore, I am very proud to announce today the launch of the channel on mio TV. Thanks to this agreement with SingTel, euronews will now be available in five countries in Asia, and for the channel this is a step towards the reinforcement of the E.U. relations with Singapore."

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Anonymous said...

Our Mio TV was installed yesterday and one of the first channels I subscribed to was Euronews. Then, horror of horrors, I discovered that Spanish is NOT one of the languages available. This is an anomaly that Singtel must address as soon as possible.

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