29 November 2008

Samsung giving Home theatre or washing machine or fridge when you purchase a Full HD LCD TV

You would never expect that Samsung giving Home theatre or washing machine or a fridge when you purchase a Full HD LCD TV at Sitex 2008. The pricing is also very attractive. Some retailers even throw in more goodies to attract the attention of the crowd. BluRay player @ $449. Good deal!


26 November 2008

Sitex 2008 Cheap Deals and Offers

If you are looking for the best deals, make sure you search on the web on local forums for deals of various products. There are a number of forums that has pretty up to date information. You can check our affiliate for some of the offers that will be at Sitex 2008 beginning tomorrow.

Singtel Sitex offers are disappointing

Just had a check on the Singtel's offering for Sitex. There are no good offers. In fact the same offer is still extended beyond Sitex, that is the EeePC with a 8mbps plan @ $55 a mth. In addition, Singnet 8mbps also comes with another plan; a free Xbox 360. I don't think I need a 8mbps and paying that much for a eeepc nor xbox 360.

On the mobile broadband plans, there are no changes to the 2 yrs broadband plans. Singtel has included a one yr plan and it is just a mere 15% discount of advertised rates. It does have the cheapest 1mbps plan in town for contract in 2 yrs @ S$22, $2 cheaper than M1 Broadband.

25 November 2008

Singtel sued by Mitac over "mio" trademark

Singtel is sued by Mitac over "mio" trademark. The lawsuit arises from SingTel using the name "mio" to brand its integrated digital services, but it is also the name of a Mitac subsidiary, Mio Technology. Mio Technology is an electronics firm specialising in global positioning system software.

Singtel uses the Mio branding on it's ADSL PAYTV system MioTV and it is also found on set top box which is on rental to subscribers. It also promotes the mio plan as a triple play platform competing with Starhub's HUBBER (TV, Mobile, Broadband, FixLine).

21 November 2008

M1 Fixed Broadband requires login and other issues

M1 Fixed Broadband requires login and other issues

For users who are shopping for a new broadband provider, you might have across M1 Fixed Broadband, the new kid on the block that provides the lowest no frills 10mbps plan for only $43 (or $40 if you are a M1 mobile subscriber).

This Fixed Line Broadband service rides on the existing Starhub Cable infrastructure and uses the same compatible Motorola Broadband modems for connection...


19 November 2008

Starhub has 2 new channels 404 and 405

This morning when I switch on the Starhub cable tv box. The TV shows an firmware update page and a progress bar. I waited for around 2 minutes for it's completion.

Looks like the menus are now smoother using the remote control. A check on the TV channels shows 2 new channels without content, they are Channel 404 and Channel 405. I am wondering what these two channels would provide. Would Starhub provide a web browser?

Sitex 2008 will have good deals on LCD TV

Sitex 2008 is round the corner. Those who have waited for a while should find a good bargains for large screen LCD TVs.

Last week, I saw branded Sharp 32" models dropped their price to less than $799. I would expect this to drop furthur. If 32" is too small for you, it might be a good time considering the 37" and larged screens. The 42" would be a good buy which features FULL HD (1920x1080).

Generally speaking Full HD screens will slowly phase out the HD Ready (1366x768) screens. If the price is right at less than a 1500 SGD, it is worthwhile considering a FULL HD instead of a HD Ready.

To pair it out, you might want to consider getting a HD Box by subscribing to either Starhub Cable TV or Singtel mio tv. That should complement your HD viewing experience.

18 November 2008

VideoMate Vista E900F PCIe Dual DVB-T & Analog TV/FM Card

VideoMate Vista E900F PCIe Dual DVB-T & Analog TV/FM Card ---

The Most Professional TV Card You’ve been looking for!!!

Not just watch analog and digital TV at once or record TV shows using hardware MPEG-1/2 compression, Compro VideoMate Vista E900F PCIe Dual DVB-T & Analog TV/FM Card gives you more.

Compro Technology, an innovative leading manufacturer and developer of PC multimedia products, launches VideoMate Vista E900F, a PCIe interface dual DVB-T & analog TV/FM Card with Hardware MPEG-4 encoder, can now decode High Definition H.264 DVB-T channels up to 1080i resolution. VideoMate Vista E900F contains two DVB-T/ worldwide (PAL/SECAM/NTSC) TV tuners providing flexible TV viewing options. Users can choose watching 1analog and 1 digital TV, 2 analog TV or 2 DVB-T TV at the same time. With the built-in real time hardware MPEG-1/2 encoders, users can record videos in high-quality DVD full-D1 formats without occupying much CPU resource. The exclusive MPEG-4 hardware encoder is able to compress video segments into small size and still offers great image quality video. Besides, VideoMate Vista E900F supports exclusive S5(shutdown)/S4(hibernation)/S3(standby) mode power up dual schedule recording. You can record two different TV programs at once. The built-in professional 2D+3D Y/C separation and noise reduction chip brings you a crystal clear and sharp image on your monitor.

The included TV watching/recording software, ComproDTV features digital/analog TV watching/recording, channel surfing, timeshifting, single/multiple still frames capture, brightness/saturation/contrast/hue/sharpness and TV/audio formats adjustment in each TV channel. It also provides the advanced Picture In/Out Picture functions which allow users to watch live TV and playback video files at the same time. The Video Desktop function lets users to stream live TV shows as wallpaper and use other applications simultaneously. ComproDTV 4 can simultaneously operate, viewing or recording, multiple Compro TV devices on the same machine, internal and external.

Fully compatible with Windows Vista, VideoMate Vista E900F also offers some features for Windows Vista Premium/Ultimate. With the press of the bundled Microsoft certified remote control, it is easy to get access of Windows Media Center and ComproDTV 4. The Vista Gadget tool allows users to watch live TV, check schedule and playback list directly on the Vista sidebar. The DTV Add-In function makes the Windows Media Centre more powerful by integrating it with DTV 4. The schedule recording list from Windows Media Center can be integrated to ComproDTV 4 for an easier schedule recording control. With these incredible and world’s exclusive functions, no wonder VideoMate Vista E900F is the most professional TV card choice for the video enthusiasts.

VideoMate Vista E900F PCIe Dual DVB-T & Analog TV/FM Card Key Features:

Dual DVB-T with H.264 HDTV reception, and universal analog TV reception with FM radio Dual hybrid TV tuners provide D+A, D+D, or A+A viewing and recording simultaneously
The advanced NXP (Philips) dual-channel multimedia processor comes with hardware MPEG-1/2/4 encoders, PAL & NTSC 3D Y/C Separation, and Hardware Noise Reduction
Bundled with Microsoft certified remote control for Windows Media Center of Vista Premium/Ultimate and ComproDTV 4
All-new ComproDTV 4 software with Vista Gadget, DTV Add-In, and Windows Media Center schedule recording list integration. ( Vista Gadget & Compro DTV Add-In are meant for Vista 32 bit operation system only )
High-Speed PCI Express x 1 interface for improved performance
Digital TV supports SDTV and 1080i HDTV (where available)
Supports SAP(MTS/NICAM)/Stereo in analog TV
Compro exclusive S5/S4/S3 mode Power Up Scheduled Recording
Supports Dual tuner scheduled recording
Convenient remote controlled power on/off
Hardware timeshifting for instant live TV replay with minimal CPU utilization
Advanced PIP/POP feature can open up to 6 TV channel windows
Video Desktop can setup the live TV screen as wallpaper
Customizable channel order, properties, and my favorite channel list
Straight-to-Disc recording for analog and digital TV
MPEG-2/Transport Stream record/playback in digital TV
Supports digital EPG, subtitle, & Teletext (not support MHEG-5 in UK)
Splits recording file size for different media in analog TV (only under software encoding)
Supports Composite, S-Video and Component (480i ~ 576p) input
Certified for Windows Vista 32/64 bit

* The Windows Vista with Media Center Start Button logo is a trademark or registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Samsung Enters the External Hard Disk Drive Market with the Stylish and Ultra-Compact S-Series

Samsung Enters the External Hard Disk Drive Market with the Stylish and Ultra-Compact S-Series

Singapore, 17 November 2008 – Samsung expands its portfolio of IT products in Singapore with the launch of the Samsung S Series External Hard Disk Drives. Samsung currently has interests in the LCD monitor, personal and business laser printers as well as optical and internal hard disk drive markets. With its entrance into the portable external hard disk drive category, Samsung further solidifies its position as a leading IT vendor and solutions provider in this key market. The Samsung S Series is one of the most compact in its class, with a luxurious and professional glossy finish and faux leather back-cover. The S Series features the S2 Portable, a 2.5 inch drive and the 1.8 inch, the S1 Mini, in a variety of colours and storage capacities. “With an explosive 20 percent annual growth in the global notebook market, external hard drives have become a popular and rapidly growing data storage medium,” said Mr Darren Goh, General Manager, IT Business, Samsung Asia Pte Ltd. “Samsung’s line-up of external drives is tailored for demanding consumers who want the best in capacity, reliability and industrial design.” Samsung has applied its technological ingenuity by incorporating the USB controller within the conventional hard drive to make it more compact and portable. The USB onboard technology also reduces the weight and power consumption of the S Series. This has resulted in a 17 per cent reduction in size and 30 per cent reduction in power consumption for the S2 Portable compared to other 2.5 inch competing models. The S Series includes a Power Saving Mode that intelligently powers down whenever the drive has not been used for five minutes. Samsung’s SecretZone™ acts as a virtual drive that prevents access to a user’s important content by protecting personal files and folders with AES-128bit or AES-256bit encryption for added data security. Users can simply drag-and-drop their private and confidential files and folders into the encrypted virtual drive. Without the password, the virtual drive will remain undetected and all data in the drive is secure and inaccessible. The S Series user’s data is also secure with a password-protected SafetyKey™ for added data security. For peace of mind, the S Series includes Samsung Auto Backup for real-time or scheduled updates when files and folders are modified or added. Users can also easily check available space in the S Series through the capacity gauge icon located on the taskbar of Microsoft Windows operating systems. The Samsung S Series is covered with a three-year limited warranty and will be launched at SITEX on 27 November 2008. The S1 Mini is available in 120GB at a recommended retail price of $199. The S2 Portable is available in 250, 320 and 500GB versions at recommended retail prices of $169, $199 and $289 respectively. The S Series External Hard Drives are available in piano black, snow white, wine red and chocolate brown.

ECS Black SeriesA780GM-A Ultra uses AMD 780G + SB750

ECS Black SeriesA780GM-A Ultra is based on the AMD 780G chipset with onboard ATI graphics from AMD with 160W(OC) Phenom™ processor (Socket AM2+) support. The A780GM-A Ultra has an integrated ATI™ Radeon HD3200 graphics IGP, which includes AMD Hybrid CrossfireX technology and DirectX 10 capabilities.In addition the motherboard features convenient Multimedia HDMI capabilities, while supporting 6x Sata ports, with RAID 0, 0+1, & 5 configurations using SB750, an E-SATA connector for convenient streaming of various media sources and other peripherals can be connected via the 2x PCI-E x1, 3 PCI as well as a RealTek ALC888 7.1CH High Definition audio, Gigabit Lan and proprietary ECS BIOS tweaking through the M.I.B Overclocking utility.All-in-all the perfect companion for a complete media center or HTPC system.

Intel Core i7 940 (2.93GHz) runs at 4.3GHz

From my knowledge, the new Core i7 aren't that easily overclockable. It seems that this site has got it up to 4.3GHz on Air and manged to run Super PI 1M which completes in 9secs.


14 November 2008

Wil you subscribe to HubStation HD?

HubStation HD

Smart TV ™Access High Definition TVUp to 160 hours SD or up to 30 hours HD recording timeRecord by ShowRecord by SeriesControl “live” TVAccess Video-On-DemandMore HD channelsFREE Sports HD for Sports Group CustomersAccess Education HD Add-On channels
FREE 1 Mbps Broadband Internet Access^Supports MaxOnline subscription service of higher access speeds~
FREE home phone line*Free local incoming and outgoing callsFree number retentionClick here find out more

Sign up StarHub TV today!
Already a StarHub TV customer?
Call 1630 or click here.

Call 1633 or click here.

For new customers, please click here to find out the nearest StarHub Shop or Exclusive Partner Outlet to arrange for your HubStation HD installation.
For existing customers, call 1633 to upgrade and swap your current set-top box to HubStation HD.

Technical Specifications:
320GB Hard Disk
In-built Cable Modem
Dual Tuner
2 x RCA Composite Video Outputs
2 x RCA Audio L/R Outputs
1 x YPrPb Component Video Output
1 x Digital Audio Optical Output
1 x Digital Audio Coaxial Output
1 x USB 2.0 Port
1 x Ethernet Port
1 x HDMI version 1.2

^ Free 1Mbps Broadband Internet Access valid till 31 December 2009.~ HubStation HD can only support download speeds of up to 32Mbps. Active StarHub TV subscription is required for upgrade of MaxOnline subscription plan on HubStation HD rental.* Wireless IAD is required for Digital Voice Home service. Free monthly subscription and outgoing calls is valid till 31 December 2010.

StarHub launches HubStation HD at $14.98 a mth

StarHub launches HubStation HD

- Enables viewers to watch and record HD programmes

- Comes with an inbuilt hard-disk that allows up to 160 hours of SD recordings or 30 hours of HD recordings

Singapore, 13 November 2008 – StarHub today announced that it will launch a new High Definition (HD) Digital Video Recorder (DVR) – HubStation HD on 15 November 2008. This integrated device enables customers to watch and record both Standard Definition (SD) and HD programmes. The HubStation HD also provides access to free broadband Internet service and StarHub’s Digital Voice service.

StarHub launched the first commercial HD service in Southeast Asia in January 2007. Since then, the number of HD channels offered by StarHub TV has grown to five - HD5 (Ch 300), NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL HD (Ch 301), Discovery HD (Ch 302), The History Channel HD (Ch 303) and Sports HD (Ch 304). HD5 is offered to all StarHub TV customers at no extra cost while Sports HD is made available free to Sports Group customers. The other three channels are packaged together under the Education HD group.

“We are excited to introduce HubStation HD to StarHub TV customers. StarHub has been consistently coming up with new and innovative products and services to enhance our viewers’ TV viewing experience. With HubStation HD, our customers get to enjoy the quality HD programming on StarHub TV, as well as a suite of value-added services with the convenience of one set-top box.” said Ms Ong Bee Lian, StarHub’s Head of Pay TV & Entertainment.

HubStation HD users can enjoy features such as one-touch recording of programmes via On-screen TV Guide, control ‘live’ TV – the ability to pause and replay ‘live’ TV broadcast, and a user-friendly interface for easy navigation.

HubStation HD comes with a 320GB inbuilt hard-disk which allows viewers to record up to 160 hours of Standard Definition (SD) programmes or 30 hours of HD programmes. In addition, HubStation HD also has an inbuilt DOCSIS 2.0 cable modem which enables users free broadband Internet access [1]of up to 1Mbps and other two-way interactive features on TV such as Interactive TV (Ch 800) and Demand TV. Viewers can receive a suite of services and content such as Chat, TV SMS, i.Mail, live stock prices, 4D results and movie listings via Interactive TV. They can also purchase and watch a library of popular TV series and movies whenever they want via Demand TV.

HubStation HD also supports StarHub’s Digital Voice service. Digital Voice customers can make local calls by connecting a portable Integrated Access Device (IAD) and a phone to the device. StarHub TV customers are entitled to free monthly subscription to Digital Voice service, unlimited incoming and local outgoing calls, and special IDD rates.

HubStation HD will be made available to StarHub TV customers on a rental basis, at $14 ($14.98 with GST) monthly for the main set-top box and $22 ($23.54 with GST) monthly for each additional set-top box. HubStation, which enables viewers to watch and record SD programmes, is also made available to StarHub TV customers on a rental basis, at $8 ($8.56 with GST) monthly for the main set-top box.

To upgrade to a HubStation HD, existing customers can contact StarHub at 1633 while new customers can call 1630 to sign up for StarHub TV. For more information on StarHub TV services, visit www.starhub.com/tv.

06 November 2008

Singtel Mio TV acquires Serie A soccer channel

Mio grabs Serie A, challenging StarHub

SingTel’s IPTV platform, Mio, continues to challenge erstwhile pay-TV monopoly StarHub, now signing up Italian Serie A soccer rights to add to its UEFA Champions’ League and Cup coverage.

From this weekend, subscribers can watch up to four live matches each weekend with commentary available in both English and Mandarin. Mio TV will offer a dedicated Serie A channel, which will cost S$8 a month as a stand-alone service, but will be included for free in the “recommended” basic 25-channel SuperSaver pack, which costs S$19.90 a month.

But all Mio subscribers will also able to access up to 40 hours of on-demand Serie A content per month. Each weekend’s featured matches will be available on demand from the Monday evening.

“We are very pleased to have acquired the rights to broadcast Serie A games as this is one of the most prestigious leagues in the world,” said Mr Low Ka Hoe, Director of mio TV and Content. “Sports content is an important part of our offering, and this move signifies our ongoing efforts to expand and improve our selection of quality content for our viewers.

Mio’s win of UEFA Champions’ League and Cup rights earlier this year was the first blow to StarHub’s dominance of Singapore’s sports rights market. Winning Serie A rights further cements SingTel’s challenge.

But the digital cable operator does retain rights to the English Premier League, which is the most popular league in Singpore. And the competition from Mio seems to have given StarHub fresh impetus, with the operator this week announcing pay-TV revenues for the quarter to end September up 15% year-on-year. For the year to date, growth stands at 21%, to reach S$298 million from S$247 million “driven by the increase in basic and sports group subscription prices, and a larger customer base”.

Subscribers rose 4% on the same period last year to 520,000. Digital subs now make up 91% of the customer base at 473,000.