26 November 2008

Singtel Sitex offers are disappointing

Just had a check on the Singtel's offering for Sitex. There are no good offers. In fact the same offer is still extended beyond Sitex, that is the EeePC with a 8mbps plan @ $55 a mth. In addition, Singnet 8mbps also comes with another plan; a free Xbox 360. I don't think I need a 8mbps and paying that much for a eeepc nor xbox 360.

On the mobile broadband plans, there are no changes to the 2 yrs broadband plans. Singtel has included a one yr plan and it is just a mere 15% discount of advertised rates. It does have the cheapest 1mbps plan in town for contract in 2 yrs @ S$22, $2 cheaper than M1 Broadband.

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