01 December 2008

M1 Broadband reaches 6mbps out of 7.2mbps

Yesterday I went to West Mall M1 shop to try out the Vodaphone USB based HSPA service. I ran the test using speedtest.net. Although the CSO told me that the SIM card inside is running 2mbps plan, I was able to reach 6.5mbps for the download speed. The most shocking truth is that the uplink speed registers 1.5mbps! That is amazing as I was only able to reach around 4mbps last weekend when i visited the same shop, same location.

A stone throw away is the Singtel Shop. I tested the embedded HSPA in the Eee PC demo unit on the same day / time, I can only get 300kbps download and 700kbps uplink.

There are a few mobile broadband plans for M1. The M1 V2000 and V4000 seems to be the most attractive at $27.10 and $35.90 per mth (24 mths contract). IT comes with Free incoming calls as well.

Are you using M1 Broadband. Share your thoughts here.

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