22 May 2009

HTC Magic Video Demo at Singapore launch event

The highly anticipated HTC Magic will be on sale in Singapore for a hefty price tag of S$1049 in June. So, how does this new Android has in features in comparison to the HTC Dream and other iphone alike touch screen phones.

See this review and youtube videos to check it out.

21 May 2009

Starhub introduces prepaid mobile broadband based on HSPA - MaxMobile Prepaid

StarHub to launch Singapore's innovative mobile broadband pre-paid service - "MaxMobile Prepaid" - that offers greater options, flexibility and value at more affordable prices

MaxMobile Prepaid service comes in various time-based plans with unlimited data access, from one hour to five days and with two speed choices

Customer-friendly charging feature based on 24-hour block of access allows users to pay for mobile broadband access as and when they need to surf, and not a second less

Consumers in Singapore and inbound travellers will be able to enjoy a new and innovative mobile broadband pre-paid service when StarHub launches its MaxMobile Prepaid service that offers short-term, instant "anywhere, anytime" broadband Internet access for up to 2Mbps or 7.2Mbps in download speeds from a notebook computer. MaxMobile Prepaid, with its customer-friendly charging feature, is created to give customers maxmium flexibility and better value in the choice of short-term Internet surfing.

Customers need not be bounded by monthly subscription anymore, and would instead have the flexibility to choose from different time-based plans, from as low as $2 for an hour of access.

In addition, StarHub's unique feature of customer-friendly charging based on 24-hour block of connection, starts only from the point customers select the preferred plan. For example, if the customer starts his three-day plan from 5pm, he is able to enjoy unlimited Internet access for the next full 72 hours, and not a second less. This feature permits customers to maximise their usage hours when they pay for MaxMobile Prepaid broadband access, as and when they need to surf only. 

There is also another customer-friendly feature that reminds customers that their MaxMobile Prepaid plan is due to end. SMS alerts from StarHub will be sent to customers before their selected plan ends. 

Said Mr Chan Kin Hung, Head of Personal Solutions and Advanced Multimedia Services at StarHub,"MaxMobile Prepaid is best suited for people with occasional or immediate need for broadband access anywhere in Singapore. It also caters to those who do not wish to be on contractual commitment. In addition, MaxMobile Prepaid offers inbound travellers a convenient and ready access to cost-effective fast Internet, at only $4 a day anytime, anywhere, from the Airport to the Zoo, during their stay in Singapore. Best of all, users have the flexibility to change their MaxMobile Prepaid plan based on their needs at the point of selection. So they can be on the one-hour plan today, the three-day plan next week, and one-hour plan a month later!"

To get started with the MaxMobile Prepaid service, customers simply purchase a pre-paid data SIM card, priced at $12, from any StarHub Shop and Exclusive Partners' outlets from 23 May 2009. The product will be available at other authorised dealers islandwide later. Customers who do not have an existing HSPA dongle can pick up the device and data SIM card bundle at an attractive introductory price.

Subsequently, customers can easily extend the MaxMobile Prepaid service by topping up the value of the data SIM card, which has a validity of 180 days. StarHub Happy top-up cards of different value types - $6, $18 and $38, are readily available at StarHub Shops, Exclusive Partners' outlets, 7-Eleven, Cheers, SingPost, I-Econ and UOB Money Changing Counters at Changi Airport. Customers can also make top-ups electronically via DBS/POSB ATMs, SAMs, AXS, or debit card payment while the option to top up using credit card will be available later.

12 May 2009

LG Arena (KM900) is here in Singapore

This phone mimics the iphone esp with it's so called S-Interface. Looks pretty cool. Unfortunately it is running on a proprietary operating system. I suspect the price will dip very fast as it is a LG. Look at how LG Viewty pricing has dropped throughout the months.

Read abt it here


06 May 2009

Starhub cable tv now supports wide screen format 16:9 with new software Upgrade

Software Upgrades
Making your TV viewing experience more enjoyable!
New Features and Enhancement
For HubStation HD, HubStation, Digital and HD set-top box
7-Day On-Screen TV Guide
3-Day On-Screen TV Guide has been extended to 7 days. You can now plan your TV schedule 7 days ahead!
Quick Surf
You can browse the programme titles and synopsis available in the next 24 hours via the Info Bar.
Widescreen Format
You can set the TV display to widescreen format if you are
using a widescreen TV set.
(For HubStation and Digital
set-top box only)
Additional New Features and Enhancements
For HubStation HD and HubStation set-top box
7 Days Recording

Record your favourite programmes
up to 7 days in advance.
Record By Time - Weekdays
Only / Weekends Only
There are more options available for
recording by time. You can now choose to
record only on weekdays or weekends only
Jump To Feature
This feature allows you to jump to a
specific time in a recorded programme
Recording Icons
With the recording icons on the Info Bar and
On-Screen TV Guide, you will know which
programmes have been scheduled for recording.
To enjoy these new and enhanced features, simply:-
Power off and on the main power supply of your HubStation HD, HubStation, Digital or HD set-top box from 04 May 2009 onwards. An "Updating in progress.. please wait" message will be shown on screen. Once completed, your set-top box will tune to a video channel.
How to ensure if the upgrade is successful?
To check if you have upgrade to the latest software, press MENU on your remote control and press DOWN arrow button to select Settings, followed by DVR Info (for HubStation HD & HubStation) or STB Info (for Digital or HD set-top box). Press OK button to confirm. Please ensure that the Firmware Version and iGuide Version is as follows:
Firmware Version
  • HubStation: 1.25.03
  • HubStation HD: 1.4.0
  • HD set-top box: Q93_307
  • Digital Box (ADB Q46): 0978.48
  • Digital Box (SCV2110C): Q92_201
  • Digital Box (DCI15SHB): 3.3a
iGuide Version
  • HubStation / HubStation HD:
  • Digital / HD Set-top box:
If you are unable to upgrade the iGuide or Firmware to the latest version, please call 1633 for troubleshooting