06 May 2009

Starhub cable tv now supports wide screen format 16:9 with new software Upgrade

Software Upgrades
Making your TV viewing experience more enjoyable!
New Features and Enhancement
For HubStation HD, HubStation, Digital and HD set-top box
7-Day On-Screen TV Guide
3-Day On-Screen TV Guide has been extended to 7 days. You can now plan your TV schedule 7 days ahead!
Quick Surf
You can browse the programme titles and synopsis available in the next 24 hours via the Info Bar.
Widescreen Format
You can set the TV display to widescreen format if you are
using a widescreen TV set.
(For HubStation and Digital
set-top box only)
Additional New Features and Enhancements
For HubStation HD and HubStation set-top box
7 Days Recording

Record your favourite programmes
up to 7 days in advance.
Record By Time - Weekdays
Only / Weekends Only
There are more options available for
recording by time. You can now choose to
record only on weekdays or weekends only
Jump To Feature
This feature allows you to jump to a
specific time in a recorded programme
Recording Icons
With the recording icons on the Info Bar and
On-Screen TV Guide, you will know which
programmes have been scheduled for recording.
To enjoy these new and enhanced features, simply:-
Power off and on the main power supply of your HubStation HD, HubStation, Digital or HD set-top box from 04 May 2009 onwards. An "Updating in progress.. please wait" message will be shown on screen. Once completed, your set-top box will tune to a video channel.
How to ensure if the upgrade is successful?
To check if you have upgrade to the latest software, press MENU on your remote control and press DOWN arrow button to select Settings, followed by DVR Info (for HubStation HD & HubStation) or STB Info (for Digital or HD set-top box). Press OK button to confirm. Please ensure that the Firmware Version and iGuide Version is as follows:
Firmware Version
  • HubStation: 1.25.03
  • HubStation HD: 1.4.0
  • HD set-top box: Q93_307
  • Digital Box (ADB Q46): 0978.48
  • Digital Box (SCV2110C): Q92_201
  • Digital Box (DCI15SHB): 3.3a
iGuide Version
  • HubStation / HubStation HD:
  • Digital / HD Set-top box:
If you are unable to upgrade the iGuide or Firmware to the latest version, please call 1633 for troubleshooting


Anonymous said...

while the upgrade is most welcomed ... 2 things could be improved as a result of this upgrade
1) i hope they do tweak this beta upgrade version, cos "video is not available" when u checking out programme listings 4-7 days in advance ie if your DVR is currently in recording mode and u r checking out 4-7 days advance guide, u will be recording nothing BUT A BLANK SCREEN
previously, your recording video source is not affected when in guide mode
2) an increase in the number of Programme Alerts (4 right now) would be beneficial
yes, AutoTune is available, but i've used up my 10 allowed slots :p

my 2 cents

Anonymous said...

Since the update, my EPG no longer lists all my favourited channels first - has anyone else found this, or know how to get it back?

Anonymous said...

I have a digital set-top box and I have checked my firmware and I have the latest one but the widescreen setting is non-existent.

I switch to widescreen on my LG scarlet TV and I am still shown the elongated/stretched version of 16:9 TV view. No difference with standard setting and widescreen setting.

Can anyone help me with this?

hdtv said...

Are you using HD set top box or the normal Digital set top box?

You don't see the option for wide screen ?

For those who change from normal to widescreen, what kind of difference do you see in the video display?

Anonymous said...

I am using HD-SetTopBox and I dont see the option to go 'Widescreen' from the General setting as well.

Anybody tried this before?

hdtv said...

I am using the HD SET TOP BOX too. No such option available. I think it only matters to normal digital set top box and hubstation (non HD).

Palmy said...

I have the Digital STB and a HD Read Plasma. The STB's GENERAL->TV Display Option does have Widescreen and Standard.

I've only seen the widescreen 16:9 properly displayed twice since the upgrade as follows:

1. 16:9 on TV and WIDESCREEN on STB - full screen display with round being round and oval being oval.

2. 16:9 on TV and STANDARD on STB - full screen display with black bar on both sides. Round being round and oval being oval.

All other times, I had to revert to 4:3 setting on TV and STB being on STADNARD or WIDESCREEN does not have any effect.

hdtv said...

Palmy ,

What channel were you watching at that time?

Anonymous said...

Hi, mine is a digital set top box. I have a hubstation HD set top box also, that one doesn't have the option for widescreen but the digital one has as mentioned above by palmy.

When widescreen is chosen, there is no difference. it still shows up as elongated on every channel. i.e. the circles are ovals and the ovals are longer ovals.